Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Fun

It seems like we are the most celebratingest family ever. We always have something to celebrate. September was the month for birthdays. We had Daddy's, Rowan's, Daphne's, and Hannah's. Every weekend there was a party. Now we get to have a short break until Christmas. I am WAY behind. BM I used to have ALL of my Christmas shopping finished before August, so that when the Black Friday sales came, I had money to buy fun things for myself. This year, I have not bought ONE Christmas present yet. We plan on doing things a lot more simple this year than in years past. Family gifts and gift cards are at the top of my shopping list, and you can't get gift cards on sale BOOO!
We have majorly been enjoying the cooler weather and playing outside has been all that's been on Micah's brain recently. He is up and ready to go out even before breakfast. I'll have to post some fun outside pictures soon, but for now enjoy the birthday pics.

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