Saturday, January 24, 2009

OH MY!!!

It's only 11:00 and we've already had quite a morning. Stacy had to finish up a job today, so we've been alone. Party Jumps received an email this morning asking for prices for all of our equipment. It was a little stressful, because I understand that people want things done in a timely manner, but I had to do a lot of math this morning. We purchased some new equipment this year and had to come up with pricing for it. Long story short, Micah is having a bad day, I'm having a bad day because he is acting up....and I have to do a lot of math...I HATE math! Anyway, I came up with the best solution...I would work on Party Jumps things at the kitchen table so that he could "make art work." I unplugged the laptop and was carrying it into the kitchen when I heard a strange noise. Come to find out Micah had put 2 quarters, 2 nickels and 3 pennies into the CD slot of our laptop!!! I was sure it was ruined!! Even though I love my computer, it's 4 years old and we could really use a new one, we just don't have the fundage. Well, after a little shaking and some pulling with tweasers later, All of the money is out and CDs go in fine (and work)....Maybe the afternoon will go a little smoother.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Micah

I was in the bathroom this morning getting dressed. Micah was playing happily elsewhere. If Micah is quiet for more than 3 should be worried. I didn't hear him, so I called for him and asked him what he was doing. He told me he was "cleaning his buggy." He has a shopping cart that he fills with odds and ins and pushes around the house. The word cleaning always scares me with Micah....the other day he "cleaned" his train tracks with hand water. So I asked him what he was cleaning with and he said " the womanizer brush." I guess we listen to a little too much music for him to be using the word womanizer. Anyway, my eyes went straight towards my counter where my brush was there. So I wondered what in the world is a "womanizer brush" I followed him to the playroom where he had disassembled my Wallflower plug in....he had totally made the top of the oil holder into a brush....mashed it all up so that it was worthless, and had rubbed it ALL over his shopping cart! Believe it or not, during the whole process he had very little oil on himself...We bathed him anyway...and not only was he clean.....But cart smells good now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Update of 20.9

I have updated my 20.9 list. I've been working on my list and some things are ongoing like decluttering, but I've got a good bit done and have a load that needs to go to Goodwill as I write. I have called several friends including a girl I hadn't talked to in a year! We've had a couple of game night so far. We've also done a lot of eating at home recently (thanks to coupons we've been eating cheaper too.) I'm still working on couponing as well as a lot of things on my list, but if you look at it, I've accomplished several things already, so I'm doing Alright!

Silly Man

Micah man is so silly! Last week after we had finished eating supper I was trying to clear my throat, I had something stuck in it. Micah pointed to his own mouth and said, "I got my frog in my mouth too."
This morning were did a little bit of shopping as we began our drive home Micah said," I go home, I stay Maggie Drive." (We've been working on our address)
My little man cracks me up!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beautiful day

Yesterday morning Micah and I had some friends over to play. Kelly and her son Luke came. It was so nice to chat with Kelly but in talking, I realized that Micah isn't the smartest boy his own age, although I think he's still smart. Luke is a month older than Micah, but can recognize every letter of the alphabet. I know that this shouldn't bother me...."Every child develops differently," But I work SO hard!! I mean ALL of my day is spent with Micah....teaching, reading, playing, learning. I guess I'm just a little irritated. I'm sorry, but that's my vent for the day.
We knew that yesterday would be the warmest day for a while, so we enjoyed it. We spent over 2 hours in the yard yesterday afternoon. We are already ready for spring to come, but until then, we put on our jackets and enjoyed a beautiful day. I promise you, this boy would be totally different if we'd let him live outside. When he's outside he's happy, plays alone, (sometimes) and even obeys (most of the time.) I asked Stacy to let us move somewhere where Micah could live outside. He said No. So, I guess we'll just have to deal with unhappiness until spring!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a good day

It's a great day! I am most excited today! We have some family friends coming over tonight for a game night. It's very overdue and has been in the talks for about a year now. I am super hyped! I love games, but it's just not fun to play all games with just two people. Anyway I have been cleaning today. I clean the floors All the time, you have to when you have such dark wood, and when you have a Micah Man tracking everything in. Today I dusted, did all of the floors, toilets etc. Then I began to clean my Kitchen counters (with the Best cleaner ever, it's a bit pricey, but it's totally worth it...Countertop Magic...they also make Cabinet Magic, a favorite) I removed everything and began to clean and guess what I found.... $120!!! I was so excited, it's like an answered prayer. I told Daphne about it and told her that I wasn't going to tell Stacy. He would want to use it for something fun, but I told him anyway. He does want to use it for something fun....It will be fun to have car insurance next month won't it? :) Anyway, I'm beginning to mark things off of my 20.9 Goal list...Game night tonight, I called a friend yesterday, and I've been trying to teach Micah his ABCs for months....He's a bit stubborn, but I caught him singing yesterday and he sang all the way to K! Hip Hip Hooray!! We're planning on hosting a game night at our house (we're going to try for at least once a month) Let me know if you and yours are interested in coming! It'll be so fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, it happend

I lost my cat. I've been loosing her for about 5 years now. But today she is really gone. At 23 years old Snowflake lived a full and happy life. She loved spaghetti, cheese, and mayo. She would rather eat people food any old day. We got Snowflake when I was 5 years old and if you've ever been to my house, you've seen her. We have gone through numerous pets, since we've had her. We had dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, you name it. Snowflake who was a beautiful white Persian began going through depression when Stacy and I got married and I moved out of the rent's house. So about a year after we married (maybe sooner) she moved in with us. Stacy, who has Never been a big cat fan, took to Snowflake and loved her (even though he got angry at her often.) We all thought that when I got married, she'd die....she didn't. Then we thought if she moved into my house, she'd die....she didn't. We thought the same thing about the birth of Micah man. She's been fine and even liked (tolerated) Micah. She's been deaf for about 2 years now, and about 3 months ago she stopped bathing herself. I knew that she must be tired, but it just got worse. She stopped eating, pooping, and could hardly walk. She dragged her left leg when she walked, and could only take about 5 steps before having to rest. The only reason that she ever left bed was to eat (very rarely) or use the bathroom. Stacy and I felt very sorry for her and knew that something needed to be done. Daddy, who helped me make the decision went with us to the vet today. Snowflake who has always been a healthy cat only weighed 5 lbs (mostly bones), she had jaundice and had liver cancer. It is very sad, but I hated to see her suffer. She was put to sleep and will be buried at the rent's house. What is really sad is that Micah went to sleep in the truck after we left Costco (after taking Snow to the vet) he woke up for a split second between the truck and bed, and all he said was "where's Snowflake." He won't understand, and it will be so sad!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My 20.9 in 2009

So I got the best idea from Christy at she had the best idea for making goals. I am a not big resolution maker/ keeper. I laughed during the past week when a very large number of people joined our gym....for their New Years Resolution. I mean those people will show up for a month (maybe) and then disappear until next year. I want to loose weight as much (if not more than) everyone else, but it actually requires effort....not just a gym membership. So instead of having a resolution this year, I followed Christy and I am working on my 20.9 GOAL list.

1. Be a better couponer (I'm trying real head)
2. Call a friend (I hardly ever call anyone other than family..this might be hard)
3. Support Stacy in everything he chooses to do
4. Teach Micah
5. Garden
6. TRY to catch up on scrapbooking
7. Read a new book (it's been about a year)
8. Find a good and affordable babysitter
9. Go on a date at least once a month (with Stacy :)
10. Be a good and loving wife
11. Declutter
12. Market for our ever growing Party Jumps
13. Potty train Micah
14. Pay off a credit card
15. Learn to eat at home more
16. Do something useful during Micah's nap
17. Have game nights more often
18. Work out no matter how tired I feel
19. Become a great drummer (Guitar Hero World Tour)
20. Be the best Mama that I can be

(20.9) Take the time to smell the roses
Think about your own 20.9 and make your own list! I'd love to see it!