Friday, April 29, 2011

Good News

2 weeks ago we had Patton's well check. I choose to delay shots for various reasons, so he just got a couple of his 6 month shots at 8 months. The Dr. had me fill out a basic questionaire and was concerned when I answered one of the questions on communication. Apparently according to one of her handy dandy Dr. charts my EIGHT MONTH old should be putting 2 syllables together. For example dada or baba. I thought that was a little bit strange, but it got even more strange when she told me that she'd like for me to take him to have a hearing screen done. She said that wether or not he passed the screen, she'd still like to see him go through Babies Can't Wait. What in the world?! I almost cried in the office, but I waited until later. After going back and forth over wether or not I'd even have his hearing tested, I thought at least I'd feel better if I had it done. We had an appt. on Thursday and he passed with flying colors. He CAN hear. We will not be doing speech, he'll talk when he wants to talk.... Hmmmm New Dr or not?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Day Egg Hunt #3

We began our Easter Sunday bright and early. We headed to church and after dropping the boys off and chatting with a few people, our normal seats were gone. We decided to try out the balcony. As always we really enjoyed Kevin's sermon. As soon as church was over, we picked up the boys, made a quick stop at the gas station and headed to the country. I made sure to let Micah know that as soon as we got there we would not be taking off and playing. I wanted to get a family picture first. We did the best that we could :)
After a few pictures Micah changed clothes and took off. I was able to visit for a little while before lunch. Of course, that included more pictures :)
I was able to get a pick of all the cousins.... Not mine, but Micah and Patton's :) Soon it was time to eat. After a yummy lunch the children played, the adults visited, and then it was time for the egg hunt. Cary took the children away on the gator and we hid eggs. I think there were around 500 eggs this year.
Micah was so excited to find "real eggs." After the hunt was over I think he ate 3! The hunt continued.
Micah found his prize egg and was so happy to find some new cars.
He counted his eggs. He found 36 this year.
He had a real hard time choosing a prize.
But ended up with this! It's been a big hit thus far.
Oh yeah, and here are the rents :)
Easter 2011 was a very good day indeed!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt #2

The second egg hunt of the year was at our dear friend's house. We provided a moonwalk and a cotton candy machine. I think it was a hit. Micah had SO much fun. He did much better at his school hunt, but I was SO thankful that at this hunt he got mostly toys in the eggs.... We already had a lot of candy :)
Micah loved playing with children, and jumping in the moonwalk, but his most favorite thing of all was that I let him have some cotton candy :)
Oh yeah, Patton was there too.... This is what he did :)

Getting ready

Friday was Nut's last day of spring break so she came along to the country to help get ready for Easter. She and Courtney worked real hard on wall clings. They ended up looking great!
We spread out pine straw and filled in holes. Micah fell while racing the gator. He went smack into a mud puddle. He got some really good scrapes on his knee, Courtney helped him up, while I took pics with my phone.... He LOVED walking around in various rain boots. We had a great day and even ended up washing the gator. We ended the day at the outlets.... Fun Fun Fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Micah's school had their Easter Egg hunt this morning. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but due to the rain headed this way it was rescheduled. The only problem was Stacy couldn't make this hunt :( We replaced him with Nut! She is off this week for Spring Break and was happy to come along. This years egg hunt was a ton different than last year's. Micah actually found ALOT of eggs!
He was SO excited!
Before the hunt began we got some fun pics including Laura coaching Micah.... She used to win the hunts at Paw-Paw's house growing up :)

Then the hunt began.... Like I said, Micah did Really good this year. He got a lot of eggs, but hardly any good candy.... That's a good thing :)
The Easter Bunny was came, and that was fun!
After the hunt, we had some more pics and a fun picnic. We all had a GREAT time. I LOVE Micah's school!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

One of my Favorites places on earth

Athens!! I LOVE ATHENS!! For the second Saturday in a row we had NO parties. I was SO excited to be able to go to G Day! We began our day at Stacy's friend Russell's Tailgate Party. Patton enjoyed himself and was seen licking his lips just looking at Russell's ribs!
After tailgating for a while, we headed toward the bookstore where Patton tried on some hats :)
We found Hairy and got to see the Red Coat Marching Band.
We got the Always fun pic on the bridge.
We headed into the stadium to find a seat and met my friend Courtney and her husband and baby Jack. They sat with us and we had a great time. LOVE time with friends and LOVE the Dawgs! Micah enjoyed hoping from seat to seat, eating, and talking to Jack. Patton slept most of the time.
Courtney is pregnant and woke up Saturday morning wanting ice cream..... any excuse to go to Scoops is great for me. So we introduced the Lords to Scoops. Little did I know there is a Scoops in Watkinsville..... So on the way back to the house, we had a yummy treat :) Great ending to a great day!