Friday, March 30, 2012

Egg Hunt 2012

I'm a little (Really) sad that this will be our last Child's World egg hunt for a while. I just love this school. I love the teachers, the friends, and the parents. I got to to Mrs. Scott's early, ready to ride some eggs, but by the time I got there at 10:00 the eggs were already out. I was able to chat with some of the other moms before the kids arrived.Micah was so excited to see us when he got there. Everyone took time for pictures...All lined up and READY to go!Micah with his loot.Micah with Hallie:)Micah with his best buds.We had a picnic after the hunt. And the Easter bunny even came. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Patton does NOT like people in costumes! Not Hairy, not the Chick-fil-A cow, and especially NOT the Easter bunny! This is the saddest reaction, but priceless....After that awful experience P didn't want to leave the stroller. Brayden came to make things better. It didn't work at first.But then, P was okay.We stayed for a long time after the hunt just talking. Micah has come to LOVE Nicco's older brother Joey. He is so much like Micah it's crazy! He is one of the sweetest, smartest boys that I've met, but ALWAYS on the go. I can SO picture Micah being like him in 10+ years. He even included Patton and they all had a blast. Man, I'm going to miss this school.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Training wheels are off!

I had NO idea how to teach someone how to ride a bike. Thankfully Ms. Karen had done her research and told me how Eli learned. We learned that if you take the pedals off at the same time that you take the training wheels off, the child has to learn to balance. Micah has become a great balancer over the past month+ We probably could have put the pedals back on several weeks ago, but finally got around to it this weekend. As you can tell from the previously posted video he was a little nervous, but he ended up doing great! I am super excited for him, and know that a bigger bike is in our future.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

More Caterpillars

The same boy who Loved caterpillars last year is at it again.
The little boy had been asking his Mama for several weeks "Where are the caterpillars?" His Mama could only reply, they'll be here soon. As soon as the first day of spring came the little boy and his Mama both noticed that there were new caterpillars in the trees. The little boy was so excited he couldn't even take a nap. His Mama told him that he could go outside and play for a while. It wasn't long before the boy had drug a ladder all the way across the yard because he couldn't reach the tent.
He wanted a caterpillar SO bad. But discovered that the ladder alone wasn't even high enough. He went to the garage where he found a "rope." Hoping that would work, the boy tried and tried to reach the caterpillars, but they were still to high.Then he returned to the garage hoping to find something else to help him. He found a long extension pole and returned to the tree. Again, the boy tried to get a caterpillar down but was unsuccessful. The boy's Mama who had been watching from an undisclosed location decided to help the boy. She climbed the ladder with the pole in hand and captured one lone caterpillar for the boy. He said that the one caterpillar was lonely and needed some friends. So the kind Mama gave him 2 more caterpillars. The boy was happy..... The poor caterpillars, not so much. The Loved their tent that they worked so hard on. The boy played and played with his caterpillars. His Mama went back to her chores. Before long the boy returned with a container FULL of caterpillars. Knowing that they couldn't breathe in that tiny plastic container, the Mama told the boy that it would be best if he transferred them to his bug catcher. Even though they didn't seem happy at first, they became happy over time. They even made a new tent.
To be continued.....

Hair cut/ Field trip

Tiffany has been cutting MIcah's hair for at least 3 years. We love her. We have tried other people.... cheaper people, but we always go back to Tiffany. Tiffany had a baby 5 weeks ago. She hasn't been at the hair cut shop and the last time either boy has has his hair cut was 3 weeks before she had her baby. We are an every 4-6 week kind of hair cut family. EIGHT weeks was a LONG time. I messaged Tiffany to let her know that we had Easter bunny pictures planned this week and wondered when she was going back to work. She told me next week. BUT invited us to her Inlaw's farm in the country for hair cuts. We drove about 20 minutes past the shop and found the farm. It was perfect. There were 7 horses, several pastures, and horse trailers everywhere. While Tiffany got all of her stuff ready Micah and Patton played in the yard. There was a nice Big play set that they played on until she was ready. Take a look at this perfect picture of a perfect hair cut.Dogs. There were dogs everywhere. I know that I've said this before but no matter how much Patton talks about dogs, or cows, or chickens, or pigs for that matter..... He wants nothing to do with them up close. Especially Tiffany's puppy who was a 1 year old Great Dane. She was HUGE. Patton wouldn't let me put him down if there were any dogs in sight. Needless to say my arms were a little sore when we left. But that's not the only thing that was sore. Ouch! It's makes me pain just thinking about it. Gracie (the dog) wanted to play ball so bad. She thought I wanted to play with her. I am Not a dog person and rarely pay them attention, much less play with them. But she kept bringing me her slobber covered ball to me. I was NOT going to touch that nasty thing with my hand. YUCK! But I decided that she'd be happy if I kicked it to her. We did this for what seemed like forever. I kicked the ball, she chased it, bought it back, and so on and so forth. Micah's hair was finished, Gracie kept coming. Patton got his hair cut, Gracie kept coming back for more. EVEN I got my hair cut..... that's when I got a break from kicking the slobbery ball. After we all got our hair cut, we took a tour of the barn work shop. It was really neat. Tiffany's husband and his dad make living areas inside of horse trailers. Some had showers and toilets, some had nice leather couches and beds. They were really really nice. We visited one of the horses and were saying our good byes when Gracie came back wanting to play some more ball. As I talked I kicked the ball, it ended up being the last kick because when I kicked the ball, her tooth dug into the top of my foot! I screamed. It hurt BAD! I wasn't 5 minutes from the house when my foot was already swollen.I didn't have peroxide, or anything. Before I went to bed I could hardly walk. Stacy had me scared to death that I had some nasty infection and that I would have to go to the dreaded Dr. for an antibiotic. I could hardly sleep (I'm a tummy sleeper) my foot hurt. I woke up the next morning, and to my surprise, my foot was not black and blue. And although it was a little sore, I COULD walk. It's a good thing it's flip flop weather!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Yes we celebrated. Yes we all wore green. And yes we were referred to as "the most patriotic family"

Monday, March 19, 2012


It has been SO nice lately, Micah has been wanting to eat nearly every meal outside. That is not always possible, but we have been putting our patio table as well as the play set to good use recently for picnics. Micah had been asking to go to the park for a picnic for several days, then Eli's mom called and invited us to go to the park for a picnic after school. The boys gobbled up their food as fast as lighting so that they could play. They were both happy to see a boy from their school and they all played together for a while.Even Patton tried to give it a spin:)The picnic play date was a hit and it's already on the schedule for another day this week :)
On a side note, we can not go anywhere without Micah letting people know that he is five AND A HALF and Patton is one AND A HALF:). So here is that five AND A HALF year old and that one AND A HALF year old too:)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Puddle Jumpers

Even if you try really hard, it is almost impossible to keep a boy out of a puddle. Even MY boys who LOVE to be clean and spotless All the time ;) love puddles.
This week has been simply beautiful. As soon as nap is over we head outside and don't return until supper time. Tuesday morning it rained. Tuesday afternoon the Ice cream bus came for the first time this year. While Micah was taking his time deciding what he'd buy, Patton was thinking about exploring the puddle that had formed in the yard. The driver who has become a friend over the past couple of years, warned me that Patton was close to get into the puddle. I knew that there wasn't a chance at stopping him, so I let him play. He took a few slow steps in before going wild and crazy.
He played for a while and decided that he needed a water break. He thought he just act like a dog and drink some out of the dip in the basketball goal (YUCK)Micah finished his ice cream and joined P for a little puddle jumping. They had a BLAST, then Patton needed to take a break.
The neighbor's dog thought we looked like we were having a good time, so he came to visit. Patton watched for a minute. He likes animals at a distance, and did NOT like the dog coming close to him :)Here's Patton after his first puddle experience.And here is sweet baby Micah:)