Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Target Love

Just a quick update. I finally found Micah some bedding that I like and it didn't break the bank! I ended up looking at every website known to man kind (or so it felt like) and at least 5 catalogs. I finally found some last week on Overstock that I liked and it was only $98.99 and with $2.95 shipping who could beat that! But by the time Stacy came home and gave the okay, it was already gone! I was kind of sad... until today! This afternoon we made a trip to Target and I found this. It was marked down to $55 and although I could have waited.... maybe I should have, but $55 for a full/ queen quilt and 2 shams, I think it's a great deal. Now to but the mattress....Maybe next week :) What do you think about it? Like it?

Friday, March 27, 2009

I LOVE Target

I am SOOO excited about our new Target store! I haven't been so happy about a new store in a long time. Our new Target opened almost a month ago and I have already been more times than I can count! It's literally 3 minutes from our house! You will not be surprised to know that our family attended the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. (Thank you Daphne for letting me know about it)
We were some of the Very first customers inside the store! It is So nice....I just Love it! I kept telling Stacy while they were building the store that we would either have to move, or I'd have to get a job there. I love Target for many reasons. I would be writing all day if I listed all of the reasons, but here are a few. I Love their $1 section at the front of the store. I love their clothing and it's quality. It's stylish but still affordable. I LOVE their home decor and bedding. They have a very wide variety of electronics. I love their Black Friday sales. I LOVE to clearance shop and I Love Target's red stickers! I love our Target's "New Store Specials." For example last weekend I got this for $4xx (I had some coupons, but still)
One of the "New Store Specials" was a 24 pack of Market Pantry (Target Brand) water for $2. They had sold out and replaced it was Dasani!! It's only the best bottled water EVER. There was a limit of 2 per customer, but I took advantage of the deal 3 times. This morning I found Kraft Mac and Cheese for $.39! Last week I got 2 8 packs of paper towels for $3.68 a piece! It's never ending deals! Probably the thing that I love most about it is that Micah begs to go there. At least once every other day or so Micah says "Let's go to the new Target, the one by your house. It's not old and moldy." Sometimes I turn him down, but other times I take advantage and go. I Love it! Now if only they'd build an Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, Gymboree, and a Chick-fil-A.... we'd be set! BTW I hear there will be a Chick-fil-A in a year!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3

I'll pick up after nap time yesterday.....Micah woke up dry! Hip Hip Hooray!! We had a wonderful afternoon, he didn't even have one accident! We even had a man come over to talk with us about an addition to our house. I was very worried that it would mess everything up, it didn't. Micah did great! As of today he's only had 1 accident, that's less than yesterday, so we're moving along. I have been SO stressed about this whole ordeal and beginning to potty train was a Huge step, but I am SO proud of Micah. He's been doing great!! Hopefully we'll even be able to leave the house soon with no worries. (I'll pack an emergency bag of clothes.....Just in case :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2

Well, let me begin with a follow up from yesterday after nap time. I found Micah in his room after his nap going comando.....No diaper, no underwear....He decided to sleep in shorts only. Needless to say his sheets were wet. The good news was, nothing else in his room was wet other than most everything on his bed. Yesterday the total number of accidents was 4!!! Not bad at all if you ask me....He actually used the potty well over 12 times (Lots of juice) Only one of Micah's accidents yesterday was on the carpet, all of the others were in the chair during meal times (so not too messy.)
Today has been the opposite. So far Micah has had 3 accidents, the first one happened when I had to answer a moonwalk call, he snuck (sneaked?) in the garage, (I forgot to child lock the door) climbed into my car, (again, I forgot to lock it) and he wet MY seat!! I didn't get angry, I cleaned it up and we went about our morning.....with 2 more accidents to follow....both in the playroom (carpet) Yesterday, Micah was all about going to the potty and getting treats, today has been quite different. He has been asking to leave the house all day. I've tried to explain to him that we're potty training, and that we're not going anywhere until he gets the hang of this. I guess the little man takes after me. Too much time at home and we get stir crazy. Let's see what this afternoon and tomorrow bring.....I hope to be done soon :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Potty Training Day One

My dear cousin Emily, has a son that is just a little younger than Micah and she sent me some VERY helpful potty training information. I've been putting potty training off for long enough, I would LOVE for it to just happen, but it won't. So.... This is our official first day of hard core potty training. This is something that I was not looking forward to at all! I tried to pass the job off, but when no one accepted, I decided I'd deal with it. It's 1:30 and Micah has only had 3 accidents and has successfully pottied 6 times!! So far our day has been filled with juice, treats, and Underwear! Stay tuned for more (if you're interested.) Please keep us in your prayers as our day....week continues :) My goal is 3 days!! We'll see :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Imagination for a little boy

Nearly every day Micah amazes me with the things that he says or does, but his newest thing (his imagination) cracks me up! I just can't believe what a huge imagination he has! For example, just the other night we read, said prayers, and put him to bed. He very rarely ever has a complaint about going to sleep at night....This particular night he just screamed and cried. I knew that he wasn't planning on going to sleep. I went to ask him what was wrong. He was standing by his window crying so hard. He ended up telling me that he left his kitties outside. We don't have any kitties. Micah does though. He has 2....well now 3 kitties. He had two imaginary cats named Flower and Binga, until just a couple of days ago when he added Big Kitty. He cracks me up. Back to the story.....I told Micah that his kitties were not outside, that I brought them in. I told him that they were in the playroom, and then I brought them to him.....told him that I loved him and he went to sleep. It was about 1:30 when I heard him again. I went to get him and asked him why he was awake. He told me that "Bonnie" (his stuffed duck) woke him up. Come to find out....Bonnie was not even in his bed, she was in the kitchen. When I told him that Bonnie was in the kitchen, he told me it was really "Long Legs" (a stuffed chicken with Very long legs) What an imagination! Micah takes his kitties almost everywhere with should ask him to see them some time. I actually was able to get a picture of them. Enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes

Oh what a snow that would be! Living in Georgia all of my life I could probably count on my hands the number of times that I've seen this much snow in my life. When I hear snow is in the forecast....I laugh. This time I was proved wrong. We had lunch at Mama's house and I let Micah play there. He wasn't dressed for snow in any way, but thank goodness I keep warm things like hats and coats in the car....And thank goodness for Mama's idea of plastic bags over the Man's black dress shoes. I have been recovering from a cold, but I wasn't going to pass up the chance to let Micah play outside, being that Uncle Jerms let us know that there would be little if any snow in Bethlehem.

My was he wrong! We got at least 4 inches....probably closer to 5. Micah was worn out after playing at the Rent's, so I told him we would play more after his nap. He slept until 5:00! It was nearly supper time, but we all wrapped up and enjoyed the snow while we could. It was COLD!!! We had snowball fights, rode on sleds, and made a snowman that had to be finished today due to a VERY cold and whinny Micah Man. I'm not a very big fan of cold, or snow for that matter, but I had a lot of fun....especially watching Micah! I began the weekend getting better from a cold, and now I have a cold times 5! I feel like if I cut my head off, I'd feel much better.... but that's what happens when you play in the snow huh? At least we had fun!