Saturday, October 31, 2009

Green Ash

When we first moved into our house, the tree that had been planted in our front island died. We quickly replaced it with a Magnolia, it died. Then we got a Maple tree, it died. Finally when I was just about ready to give up having a tree in our front island all together, Home Depot put all of their trees on Clearance for fall/ winter. I found a tree called Green Ash, the description said that it was drought tolerant, and would grow in nearly any soil. It cost $4.97 and had a one year warranty. I bought the tree. It quickly adapted to our yard and shot up. It is taller than nearly everyone else's trees and was planted much later than most. It is a happy tree, plus during the spring and summer it blocks me from seeing my neighbor's house across the street :) This year when the tree began to change 2-3 weeks ago, it looked beautiful, especially with my yellow lantana still in bloom.

No matter how hard I think about this next part, I can not for the life of me figure it out. But as soon as the leaves began falling from the Green Ash, Micah said "The leaves are falling that mean Halloween is almost here." Halloween is by far not one of the most celebrated things at our home. We don't go trick or treating (we'll go to the church) So I'm not sure what made him even think this. Anyway every morning when Micah wakes up first he asks me, "Is the ice cream bus coming today?" Then he asks what the day is and if he's going to school. For the last couple of weeks every day Micah has commented on the tree and told me that Halloween is coming because the leaves are nearly gone. Stacy and I just laughed it off until yesterday. This is what we saw!!

There is one lone leaf left on this tree. Take a real close look and you'll see it at the top. Needless to say, as soon as there was daylight outside this morning, I looked at that tree.... Yep, you guessed it, NO LEAVES!! It is CRAZY! Just thought I'd share :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party

At registration dear Mrs. Scott asked me to be a room mom. I have NO problem with that. One other girl signed up, so I knew that I wouldn't have to do everything myself. I kept thinking how much I wish I could help plan the party, but also be a bystander who gets to take pictures of all of the fun. Next time I'll have to bring some extra hands and eyes :) This morning was our very first parent planned party. We had several crafts, games, food, and the kids even got to decorate sugar cookies. We had a great turn out as far as parents go and everyone had a lot of fun. I only got a little stressed, okay, I hardly have any finger nails left. I said that my craft would be picture frames. I planned on ordering some really cute ones from Oriental Trading for $.50 a piece, with FREE shipping, but by the time the party was actually planned and I went to order the frames, I would have had to pay $30 to get them here in time for the party!!! Needless to say, the pictures have already been taken, I STILL am in charge of picture frames. Hmmmm I went to Hobby Lobby, one of my favorites, and left with NOTHING. Went to Michael's and ended up buying $1 frames, and some foam sticker to decorate them with. The price came to like $1.50 a person! That's a lot when we only requested $5 total per per for Everything. So I came up with a new idea. Popsicle sticks and the foam stickers....they turned out really cute believe it or not. We had a whole lot of fun! I am sad that I didn't get pictures of the actual party taking place, maybe another mom will be willing to share. I met some really nice people today, I just LOVE Micah's class! Here are a couple of pics of My little Monkey.... BTW apparently I missed out, Spider Man is the thing to be this year....there were 3 in his class, including a girl :) Maybe next year he'll have a choice :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Pictures are up!!

Take a look at this the password is robinson. Tell me what you think! Again, I LOVE Christy Martin!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Pumpkin Patch

We took our second trip to the Pumpkin Patch today. Micah's class went on a nice long hayride back behind the school. The girls who work at the school and their husbands spent ALL day Saturday preparing for the hayride. Saturday was SO cold and rainy, poor Mrs. Scott lost her voice. The hayride was by far the best hayride I've ever been on. It lasted about 20- 30 minutes and they had so many neat things to look at. There were scarecrows having tea parties, sking, fishing, working, you name it, (way too much for me to remember) there were live scarecrows and even a barber shop and a Waffle House. Mrs. Kathy worked at Babyland General and even delivered a baby while we were there.
After we finished the hayride we got to go to the Pumpkin Patch to choose a pumpkin. Micah was more interested in running around and playing after being on the trailer for so long, but we still picked a real nice pumpkin. Maybe Stacy and Micah will carve it :) Note: Micah loves to talk about the little girl in this pic. Her name is Maggie and on our way home today I told him that I like Maggie and think she's cute. Micah said "I like Maggie too. Can we have a Maggie at home?"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Trip #1

Last Friday it was SO nice during the morning that I decided to invite the Fam to Washington Farms. Our family has gone every year since Micah was born. Sometimes it it SO hot, sometimes it's comfortable, but this year it was nice during the day and was COLD in the afternoon and at night. This year Daph and her whole clan minus Cary got to come. Daddy came along with Mama this year, and Martha and Hannah came too! Nut and Jerms already had plans so they had to miss out, we'll probably go back since this trip got cut short due to time and temperature. We had so much fun. Look how tall Micah is!!
Daph and Fam
Goat Petting
Chicken chasing
Cow train
Scarecrow loving



Man it sure is cold!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

3 year/ Fall pics

Everyone who knows me knows that I love pictures, I love Micah, and I love Christy Martin. I love how kind she is. I love the pictures that she takes, I love all of her ideas for pictures. She is a true photographer! Well we finally set up an appointment last Sunday to have her photograph Micah along with a couple family shots. I Love Christy's work and thought everyone would love to see what a great job she does....take a look at Micah!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ice Cream and Last Blast Luau

My dear cousin Hannah has been wanting to have a Luau for her birthday party. We planned on having a surprise party, but her party was rained out. The following week we had a surprise party (Ice cream Social) for Daphne's 32nd Birthday.
We had SO much ice cream and ice cream toppings, we would have had enough for the whole neighborhood. We had fun celebrating Daphne and all pitched in and got her an ipod.
Hannah's party had to be delayed but one more week. We had SO much fun, she had one of the coolest cakes ever.
We ate, played the limbo, and even swam one last time before the closing of the pool.
Wasn't Stacy cute? Make sure to read the post below, and I think that I'm caught up for now.... There'll be more fun soon. Stay tuned :)

Fair Fun

I am a little behind on blogging again due to hard drive space, but Major Thank you to Jerms who has helped me tonight to download the last of my pics... for now anyway:)
Our little family went to the fair several weeks ago. We Love the fair. We have taken Micah to the fair twice in New York, but this was his very first trip to the Gwinnett County fair. He is finally old enough and Tall enough to be able to enjoy the rides and not just the Carousel. We were at the fair waiting on the gates to open. I love everything about the fair, the sights, sounds, smells, everything other than the workers :) They totally freak me out! Obviously they do not bother Stacy very much because he played darts for a while to win Micah his very own Nemo :)
Micah loves this fish, and it's a good thing... he wasn't cheap! Here are just a couple more of my favorite pics of the day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy as Bees

We have been so busy lately I feel like it's time for a vacation.... Again :) The month of August we spent almost every weekend partying. We had my birthday, Micah's birthday, Laura's birthday,Aiden's half birthday,
and who knows who else's. September was not much different. The first weekend we celebrated Daddy's birthday,

then we had Rowan's

and Daphne's. I am sorry I don't have pictures of this one yet! I hope to update this one soon! My hard drive is full so I purchased a external hard drive so that I could just save my millions of pictures on it, only to learn that I need to purchase an extra cord for it to work, and I haven't done that.... so the pictures are pick and choose and not really in order, but as I was playing around I realized that we have been doing a lot of partying lately and thought I'd update with that.
Last weekend one of my oldest friends got married. Heather, Sarah, and I were BFFs from 2nd -8th grade. Sarah moved to Warner Robins during our 8th grade year and while she and I still talked and hung out from time to time, Heather and I drifted apart. Well I married 5 years ago and Sarah was in the wedding and Heather hosted a bridal shower for me. Last year Sarah got married and I was in the wedding and got to spend some time catching up and chatting with Heather. This time Sarah and I attended Heather's wedding. It was so fun! One of the most fun wedding that I've been to. I got to see a whole lot of people that I haven't seen in years and had a blast! Here are a couple shots of the night. Isn't Heather beautiful? Micah was SO excited that his teacher was at the reception...He even danced with her :)