Thursday, April 26, 2012


I think sometimes it's easier to love someone than to like them. Micah has had an ear infection this week. The liking part has been hard. (Micah's symptoms for an ear infection are Extra wildness, he doesn't obey, he talks back....) To quote his teacher "He's been impulsive." It's been chilly. I think I have an ear infection, I've been in pain :( It's been a rough week. Through all of this, I'm thankful for the people who love my Micah. I am thankful for the best school in the world, and thankful that Micah does well there, and that they Love him. I am thankful for the Best Mama in the world. She called on Monday just to ask if she could have Micah for the afternoon. It was a calmer afternoon.... Only Patton decided that he didn't need a nap :( I am thankful for Micah's outgoing attitude. I am thankful for the Love that Micah and Patton share. It's sweet. There are a lot of things that I am thankful for, but today it's the sweetest worker at Firehouse Subs. We usually end up there on Sunday nights, not only is it one of Stacy's favorites, but Kids eat FREE, and that matters when you're having to feed 2 kids! For several months this particular girl (I've talked about her before) was extra nice to Micah. She Loves him and tells him EVERY week. She tells him that he's the most handsome boy and that she Loves his cheeks. She gets really excited when she sees him. It makes my heart happy to have someone Truly Love my son. Recently she has begun letting him help her. It started with him helping refill the coke free style machine (only the best machine ever invented) Last week he got to help hang signs on the door, and clean the trashcans. He was super excited, she truly has no clue how happy he was to help her. It makes me happy to see Micah happy. No matter how difficult, I sure do love that boy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Field Trip

Last week Micah's class got to go on a field trip to Fire Station #14. They are the only fire department in Gwinnett county with a rescue boat. I was not planning on going until the day before. I never want to be the only mother not involved, but I also know that sometimes Micah behaves better when I'm not around. Stacy had the day off, so he came too. As soon as we pulled in and got out, one of the trucks had to leave on a call. 

First we went inside to watch a video. And then the chief talked to us, dressed up, and asked all sorts of questions. Micah was on top of things. His hand was constantly in the air, and he even volunteered to demonstrate STOP, DROP, and ROLL. 

After we took a tour of the inside of the station, we took a walk outside to admire all of the trucks, engines, and of course the boat. 

I learned a lot during the trip and even asked a few questions myself. The little boys played while the big kids learned;)

After the trip was over we had lunch at Pizza Hut with Micah's friends Hudson, Eli, and Nicco. Micah has wanted to be a fireman for a long time.... So he Loved this trip! He was on cloud nine:)


Micah was supposed to have a dentist appointment in December. Things happened, we couldn't go. I finally got around to making him another appointment. Dr. Kwon has a brand new office and it is a dream dentist if you ask me. I have NEVER enjoyed going to the dentist. I love to have clean teeth, but do not enjoy any part of the experience. I have an awful gag reflex that doesn't help things. No matter what time of the year it is, I am soaked when I leave the dentist office. I sweat the Entire time.... But back to Micah's appointment. Not only is Dr. Kwon's office the coolest, but Dr. Kwon is super nice. There is a tree house in the waiting room!
When I called to make Micah's appointment, I asked how early they like to see babies. Sweet Patton is approaching 20 months and they said that they'd be happy to see him. I wasn't sure how that would go at all, seeing how Patton doesn't even like ME to brush his teeth. He'll let Stacy brush them all day long, but fights me, and screams. Thankfully Stacy was able to meet us there!
Patton waited patiently

While Micah took his turn :)

Then Patton went. 

Both boys got wonderful news! NO cavities! Clean, shiny teeth! YAY!

Bird's Nest

Since Spring Break, Micah has asked almost every day if he could borrow my clippers to make a path. I finally gave in. Micah worked and worked at clearing a path in the woods. Then he spotted this....
A sweet bird's nest up in the bush. He wanted SO bad to see if there were any eggs inside of it. I helped him by clearing a litte bit of brush around the outside. I got a ladder, climbed to the top and saw 4 little eggs. Micah wanted to see too. He climbed and was SO excited that he got to see "real eggs" in a "real nest."  
I made sure that Micah knew the rules. DO NOT touch the nest in any way. Not only will the nest fall, but the mother bird will know and not come back to take care of her babies. I was sure that he would obey. It's something that we work hard on every day of the week..... OBEY. I'm sure by now you know that Micah's curiosity got the best of him. He wanted to see a little closer, so he cut a few more twigs. The nest fell. Micah was SO sad when he looked down and saw this:(
He tried and tried to make the Mama bird a new nest. Pine straw, leaves, sand..... I just think that if you're a bird in our yard you should build your nest higher.That's all. Poor Mama bird:(

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Halle is FOUR!

Micah was Super excited to be invited to Halle's birthday party. I was super excited to go shopping for a little girl. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times.... I am meant to be a boys' mama. I would be BROKE if I had a little girl. There is way too much cute girl stuff, and man, I can get into some pink :) I even made Halle a sweet bucket to put her present in.The party was beach themed and filled with crafts and games. A yummy cake, presents, and a pinata.I just love this picture..... I just wish it was clearer.I am so glad that I met Halle's mom this year. She is super nice, and I really like her. I am also so glad that I saw and was able to talk to another mom at the party. I've known Amie for a LONG time and was able to talk to her for a good while about education and my fears about next year. She made me feel a lot better and actually confirmed to me that MIcah will be going to a good school. Although I am still nervous, I feel a lot better about it after talking to her.

Kids Workshop

I haven't been with Stacy and Micah to The Home Depot Kids workshop with in a long time. Since we were crazy busy this time, I went with them. Patton was So excited to help.He Loves to show off his belly button whenever he can.Micah and the finished product (a window bird feeder)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We headed to the country on Easter. I tried so hard to get some quick pics of my sweet handsome little boys. It didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped, but I was able to get a couple that I liked. Mama has been doing a lot of work in the country. She had a nice size storage building built, painted the well house, built a big pole barn, had trees cut down, built a fence..... The list goes on. The place looked totally different, but it was SO nice.
A good bit of the family came, and we ate a yummy lunch. Patton LOVED the orange fluff:)
The kids played for a little while before the egg hunt. Cary got ready to take the children on a Gator ride, only to find out the back tire was flat. So they took a walk while we hid the eggs. Here is the best shot that I got before the hunt. It is bad, but it'll have to do this year....Ready. Set. Hunt.Here they are working hard to count the eggs.Micah WON with 70 eggs! I'm sure that he won because there were only 6 children who hunted in the 5 and under hunt. Two of which were Gavin and Silas who don't even walk, and one Patton.... He was excited none the less, but I tried to let him know it will be A LOT harder next year when he has to hunt with the big kids :)We went to the cool tree and took a couple pics, played a ball game with a walking stick and a football and took a nice Gator ride in Ginny's Gator before calling it a day. I am so thankful for wonderful family and a beautiful day!