Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birds in the Bathroom

This morning I overheard Micah ask Stacy "What kind of birds live in bathrooms?" Stacy said, "I don't know. Birds live outside, not in bathrooms." "What about beside a toilet? I saw a nest beside your potty and I heard some tweeting. What kind of bird do you think made that nest?" By now I am almost in tears laughing so hard. There was no tweeting, it was imagined, but I explained that the "nest" beside the toilet was actually hair that I cleaned out of my brush this morning. I guess I missed the trashcan......

Friday, February 24, 2012

18 Months?!

I can not believe that my BABY will be 18 months tomorrow! It seems just like yesterday.... Well maybe not for me, but time sure has flown by. Patton B is the sweetest thing EVER. He is talking up a storm. My favorite word that he says now is purple, but he talks about dump trucks ALL the time:) I really need to sit and make a list of his ever growing vocab. He still Loves being outside and is so funny to watch. He likes to run, play ball, and be in the sand box. He has become quite the picky eater. We never went through that with Micah, so we're dealing the best that we can.... The boy doesn't like meat. He surprised us this week by actually eating some chicken nuggets :) Patton has loved playing with balls for quite some time now, but has recently discovered trains. He has one that Micah lets him play with because "it doesn't go fast." Patton will walk all over the house with that train turned on, but hardly ever puts it down to watch it go. Don't you dare mess with it though, or he'll let everyone know about it. The screeching has calmed down a whole lot unless you mess with something that's important to him. He LOVES his Daddy and runs to the door as soon as he hears the garage door. Have you ever seen anything so sweet?
Patton 1 month
6 months12 months17 going on 18 months!Man, I love this baby!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sand Fun

Today While Patton finished his nap Micah and I enjoyed some time outside. I had to use the bathroom, so I came inside for a few minutes. During this time, Micah also came inside. He climbed on a counter went through the cabinet and found the food coloring. When I finished, I went back outside and this is what I found!Micah decided that he'd like to play in colored sand. He got some on his fingers and tried to lick it off? He had the best time. He used ALL of the food coloring, but was most proud of his football field that said Georgia. What a silly boy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Game Ranch

We had planned to go to the Game Ranch last month for $1 day, but it just didn't work out. We weren't going to miss it this time. I was scared that it was going to be cold, but it actually turned out to be a beautiful day. We were sad that Stacy had to work, but were joined by our friends the Capes'. Micah was SO excited to go to the Game Ranch, but even more excited that Eli got to go too. We got there right at opening hoping to beat the crowds. I think we did just that. Frist we saw some chickens and some bunnies, then on to the goats. Micah really enjoyed the deer, but I think Eli's dad enjoyed them more. He brought apples and was cutting them and feeding the deer apples, they LOVED it.... way better than the crackers and carrots!Micah liked to send the food down the chute.I shot this one right as Micah was saying "It's REAL LIVE TURKEYS!!"The boys minus Jonathan. All the boys.Micah found some worms :oI said Micah can I get a picture of you petting the soft pig. Micah petted it and said "It is NOT soft."Here are some other various pictures of the morning. I have included Patton. He was there too, but didn't love the animals. I gave him crackers thinking that he'd like to feed them, but he'd say "no no" or push the cracker away. He just enjoyed watching from a distance.


Micah: "Who is like God." Micah is a name I LOVE. When I was pregnant, I worked at Fort Daniel. There were over 1200 students at the time. Out of the 1200+ there was ONE Micah. I knew that I didn't want to name my child a name the same name as everyone else. I wanted my child to turn around when called, not 10 other people. Stacy didn't love the name like I did. The only Micah that he ever knew beat him up when they were little..... It took some convincing, but Micah he is. We do not come in contact with many 0ther Micahs, and the ones that we have, have been girls..... Interesting.
I have an on going list of places that kids eat free because now we have two children to feed and it's a whole lot easier to feed our family when half of us are free. One of the places on our list is one of Stacy's favorites. On Sunday night you can typically find us at Firehouse Subs. We bump into all kinds of people that we know and usually have a nice time. We've been going on Sunday nights for a while now and have gotten to know several of the workers. One girl in particular LOVES Micah. She loves how he talks, how he behaves :0 his Cheeks, and his name. This past week she got excited as soon as she saw us and made a point to tell me that she, although not even married yet is going to name he first born son Micah. She told me how much she loves him, and his name :) She told me that she's informed her boyfriend of this..... He's not set on it completely, but I'm sure he'll come around. Micah is a good name.

Monday, February 20, 2012

And the birthdays continue

Saturday was Aiden's birthday and Sunday was Mama's, so we had a celebration for the both of them at Nut's on Friday night. It was a Mexican Fiesta, WAY different than the party last year:) But we stil had a good time. We hung out a while and chatted before supper time. We ate, and chatted some more before presents. Mama got a waterfall, a picture book and a Bat House :) Aiden got a UGA bucket, an itunes card, and a lot of soap making things. I think everyone had a good time spending time together.

Snow day

Well, if it had really snowed this year, I guess Micah wouldn't have had the day off. But since it has been such a mild winter, Micah DID indeed have Friday off of school. At the last minute I decided to invite Micah's buddy Eli over. Micah was SO excited. They haven't had a play date in a while. Bright and early Friday morning they showed up ready to play. After a little while in MIcah's room, they decided to play the computer, then have a snack. and play outside. It was a beautiful morning for enjoying the outdoors. They played and played..... I'm going to insert a bit from Eli's mom's blog for your enjoyment :)

We went to their house to spend a couple of hours together on our day off. Micah's house backs up to woods that just call for boyish adventure.
Micah's dad had placed a ladder against a tree in these woods for such purposes. Micah was up high when Eli decided that he wanted to climb, too.
"Micah, I want a turn."
"Eli, it's too wobbly. You might fall and bump your head. And maybe die."
Eli looked at me completely baffled at what to do.
I told him that I believed he was brave enough (the ladder was wedged into a limb).
So Eli forged the great unknown. And succeeded.
Then Micah said he wanted a turn.
With a laugh, I asked him, "Wait a minute--what if you fall and bump your head? It is a little wobbly, you know!"
Micah's mom joked, "And you could even die!"
Micah assured us, "I'm 100 percent tough."
Eli looked at me, ready to explain: "He IS five and a half, Mommy." opposed to Eli who is only five.
Oh my goodness I LOVE it! Can you tell that we had a GREAT time?

Valentine's Day

We began our Valentine's morning with a Mama/boys date to Chick-fil-A for heart shaped biscuits. We NEVER go out to breakfast on school mornings, so it was a major treat for Micah. Although first thing in the morning, he checked the kitchen table to see what he got. He didn't see anything and said "I guess nobody loves me since the Valentine's person didn't bring me anything." How sad is that. Truthfully if it hadn't been for Stacy, Micah wouldn't have gotten anything. I didn't even think about buying him anything.....Maybe I was too busy making his card :)I told him that We had something for him, but it was with Daddy, and it was. Stacy bought MIcah some legos. I got Stacy a new hand truck, and Sweet Patton was excited about his balloon. Stacy knew that my small camera that I carry in my purse has pretty much lived it's life. He decided to get me a new one, but couldn't make up his mind on which one to get. He bought 2 and made me decide which one to keep. How awful is that?! I had a VERY hard time, but think that I'm happy with the one I chose.After Chick-fil-A we headed to drop Micah off. Patton was getting over pink eye, we were able to go to Micah's party. They ate, did a craft, and played. Patton Loved playing with Nicco. Micah Loved decorating a cookie ans posing for pics:)Originally we had planned to go on a date for Valentine's, but our plans changed. Stacy had to work later than expected, so instead of The Cheesecake Factory alone (I'm starting to think we're not destined to go) we went to Amici and took the boys. It was delicious, and everyone was well behaved. We rounded off our dinner with a quick stop at Scoops in Watkinsville. I think it's the only one left, and we're thinking it may not last much longer :( Overall we had a great day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Party

It's February 13th, Micah just celebrated his half birthday. He already has plans for his 6th birthday party. Since Micah turned one we have always had pool parties. What else is there to do in the month of August?! It is SOOO hot, oh yeah and we have a small house. The pool is the perfect place for a party. Anyway Micah, who has Never been to Stars and Strikes has decided that's where he's going to have his birthday party this year. He's been talking about for several weeks now but when he told the UGA president (a complete stranger) and his wife tonight, I figured it's something that he really wants. I'm not sure what the cost of this party might be, but I'm thinking that I had better start saving now......

Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's actually been a while now that Micah has been reading. Recently he has begun correcting me, every time I skip a word or change a word. (Not so cool) I am SO happy that he can read. This is really life changing. Hoping it will make for quieter car rides (who am I kidding, the boy talks all of the time unless he's sleeping) Either way, I've been proud of him for Wanting to read recently. Like I said, he's been able to, but he's stubborn. When I would let him try to read, he'd tell me "You just read it." When I picked Micah up on Monday, Mrs. Mason actually bragged on Micah's reading. Oh how happy it made me! She said that some of the children were beginning to pick up on reading, but Micah was doing very well. They are beginning to bring books home to practice reading. That made Micah so happy. He's more willing to try now. As I'm writing, Micah is Supposed to be napping, I hear his sweet voice sounding out words in a Magic Treehouse book...... In the words of my sweet Paw-Paw "He's a good un."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch up

So my headache finally went away last Monday. It lasted over a week, WAY too long if you ask me. Last Monday we headed to watch Laura coach one of her last ball games of the season. Micah LOVED going to watch the game! He Loved the cheerleaders and wants to be one. It make me smile.... Stacy, not so much :) I keep telling him Scholarship!
Laura's team won, but we had one of the rudest men sitting behind us. He was yelling the whole time (mostly at the coaches). I wanted to slap him, but instead, I might have teared up.
Stacy was out of town so we had dinner with Nut and Jerms and I was able to chew for the first time in a long time without my head hurts. YAY!
Tuesday I woke up and was not well. Neither was Patton. I went from headache to miserable cold in one night. Patton and I took the day off of the gym to rest. Little did I know I would be sick all week.
Shortly after Micah's last hair cut, he decided (for the second time) that he needed to cut it himself. This was right before Santa pics (yes, it's been that long) Normally Micah is on an every 6 week schedule, but this time I was HOPING that his bangs would grow. Finally when the rest of his head was bushy, I made an appointment.
Look at that hair!
Afterwards we went to Red Robin. When I "checked in" I got a special that said if I spent $30 I could save $10. So of course, we wanted to save money and ordered a delicious dessert.Thursday, I tried to talk Micah into homemade Valentine cards. He didn't like my idea of "Guess Whooooo wants to be your Valentine" I did come up with a fun one though. I'm excited :)The weather has been wonderful. We have been outside a whole lot. Micah has even been helping my trim my bushes.Saturday Stacy was home for the whole day!! That is very unusual now days. We enjoyed every second of our time together. We headed to The Flying Machine for lunch. It's always been one of Micah's favorites, but Patton seemed to enjoy it as well. He growled at the planes. We spent most of Saturday at home and Saturday evening we headed over to Sarah and Kyle's for dinner. Heather and Brayden came and the boys played and had a great time. Noah is the cutest ever, and Brayden Loved walking around wearing the cat house. I am so happy these 3 get to know each other :)Sunday was the Superbowl. Party at night meant no lunch at Mama's. We planned to go to Firehouse Subs because kids eat free on Sunday. But by the time we got there, it was packed, we couldn't even get a table. Micah has been BEGGING to go to Golden Corral since he heard a commercial for the Chocolate Fountain. Stacy, being the sweet Daddy that he is, took Micah (the the rest of us) there for lunch. Micah was Beyond Excited. He was SO happy to be able to choose his own food, get not only seconds, but thirds. He kept saying "This was a feast." He LOVED the chocolate fountain and was even able to choose THREE things to dip. This whole thing is hilarious to me. It made his day. That night at the Superbowl party, he made sure to tell EVERYONE where he went for lunch. He was extra proud. Man I love that boy!We celebrated Cary's birthday. Daphne said he liked people to sing slow. He did not. This is what I saw this morning when I opened my blinds. Life is good. Oh yeah, Patton like the gym now. When I picked him up this morning this is what I found. Him sitting big eating snack with Ms. Pat. :)