Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I feel like December is Always the most busy month of the whole year, and I found myself not blogging very much this month. I missed Every Tuesday Claus update. This year I got a memory card for my camera, a coupon holder, a movie, i tunes cards, all kinds of good stuff (here at my house) At the Rent's I got some cleaning towels, super glue, a Huge pack of sponges, a candle, and some coasters.... not too bad eh? Micah has been SO funny this month, he learned quickly about Tuesday Claus and asked every morning if he had come. Micah Loved Christmas this year and said "This sure is a fun Christmas day." Our first celebration was on Christmas Eve at Paw- Paw's house. We had good food, good fun, and a good time with family. Micah said his part "Jesus is the reason for the Season," and was pleased with himself. He enjoys being the center of attention. We draw names at Paw-Paw's and I got a ton of yummy smelling Bath and Body Works things, Stacy got the New Mario for the Wii (we LOVE it) Micah got a train and Lincoln Logs.
On Christmas morning Micah woke up bright and early and was ready for a fun day. Micah got a lot of neat things this year, he got a play set for the backyard from the Rent's, he got a bike, cars,a garage/ parking deck, train things, a fire truck, dress up things, a shopping cart, Legos.... the list goes on. Needless to say he dosen't want to leave home he just wants to play play play with all of his new things. This year I got a new Video camera. I LOVE IT! I also got Wii Fit and some games, a gorilla pod, more smell good things, I mean I racked up! Stacy's big present this year was a new Ipod. He has had his for a Long time. He loves his new one. He got a lot of gift cards too. On Christmas day after we open our own presents we head to Daph's house. We celebrate there and then eat. Here is the recipient of the Owl this year! Doesn't she look happy?
This year we had the First Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. Anyone and everyone was welcome to enter. Even Rowan made a house/ bomb shelter. The Rents did not join, they were the official judges. Judging was done on categories such as, Most Time Spent, Most Lifelike, Most M&Ms used, Most Creative, Best Yard, Most likely to be lived in.... Everyone won at least one thing. Ours is the one with the Snickers roof.... We won Most time spent, and most lifelike. We all had a lot of fun doing this and are already planning our houses for next year :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Game Ranch $1 Day

I was so excited to go to The Yellow River Game Ranch on Monday for $1 day! Stacy and I have been thinking for a long time that Micah would love going, and were happy to learn that he'd have the 21st off so that our whole family could go. We invited my sweet cousin Hannah to come and we all had fun. The only down side was that it was a little chilly. I don't know what's been going on with me but I am cold most of the time. This is VERY strange because I used to never get cold. In elementary school I remember telling my friends that I would play outside in the snow in shorts and not be cold. Well, today the high was 55 and I was cold All Day! I don't know what's going on. Back to the story though, I wrapped up in my brand new Pink coat and tried my best to stay warm at the Game Ranch. We saw all kinds on animals. Hannah's favorite was a little white bunny at the very beginning, I liked the Big Pigs and Bears, Stacy enjoyed the deer especially the babies. After petting and feeding several deer Stacy said, "See this is why I would never hunt." That's my man :) While we were feeding one little deer a little girl came running up to where we were and scared the deer, the deer ran Smack into Micah and pushed him down, from then on he kept asking if the animals were nice. Overall we had a whole lot of fun and are glad we went.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Picture

We were SO happy when we showed up at Photographic Creations last week for our Santa pictures. Santa was back! We go to Photographic Creations twice a year. We go for live Easter bunny pics and Santa pictures. We've done this since Micah was born. We were SO sad to show up last year to find a strange Santa. Not that I have a very good memory or anything, but when I was growing up I don't ever remember having my picture taken with Santa.... I'll have to ask about that. Anyway, I have a small thing with Santas, some of them are just scary. I wanted to give it a try when Micah was tiny just to see how the pictures went. I was So scared Micah would cry the whole time, but he didn't. To me that was wonderful being that Micah cried most of the time. When I met Santa, I loved him! You know how some people are just like that? All of our Santa pics have turned out great, Micah has always bee happy, even last year with the strange Santa. I know as soon as we showed up last year that Santa wasn't right and when I asked I learned that our beloved Santa had recently had a heart attack and wasn't doing pictures due to his health. Well I prayed for him, knowing what a kind man he was, and to our surprise he was back this year! Thank goodness! Have I mentioned that I love this man? I must have told him that at least 3 times during our visit. I asked about his health and he said that this year was a whole lot better than last year. Does his look great or what?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's not a Holiday Party

It's a Christmas Party for goodness sakes! One of the reasons that I enrolled Micah in the school that I did is because it is Christian run. I love that they have Bible studies, learn verses, pray, and love God. I would think that if you didn't celebrate Christmas, you're probably not Christian. Then why in the world would you send you child to this school? Who knows! Anyway we had a CHRISTMAS party today at Micah's school and I just heard people say holiday way too much. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, we can get to the fun stuff. As you know I signed up to be room mom for Micah's class. Last Monday I realized the party was only a week away. As quickly as I could I typed out some letters to be sent home asking for party money. By yesterday morning.....the day Before the party I only had half of the classes money! That's just CRAZY! I knew good and well that I wasn't going to be the one paying for this party, so I was Very thankful to get the rest of the money yesterday afternoon. I never thought planning parties was so hard. I normally come up with great ideas and just go with the flow, but when you have other parents involved, sometime things get a little crazy! Today went a WHOLE lot smoother than I expected it to go! The children had a book exchange that was fun, we fed them lunch and did several craft activities. Overall it was a great party yet again, it's just the week leading up to the party was extra stressful. Enjoy the pictures of Micah and his class having fun! BTW what do you think about his shirt my friend made for him? I LOVE it! There are a couple more new posts below!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I was so excited when Ms. Martha let me know about A Walk Through Bethlehem that takes place at a church near her house. I knew that Micah would absolutely love it. The problem was, the weather during the week of the walk. It only took place Friday through Sunday. The high Friday was 44 and you can only imagine how Cold it was after the sun went down! Saturday and Sunday were both supposed to be rainy, so we opted to go on Freezing Cold Friday night. Other than the temps, we had So much fun! Our evening began with a wonderful carriage ride through downtown Norcross. That was fun, and a whole lot cheaper than the carriage ride we took in NYC!! This one was FREE! We had a delicious dinner to warm our bones for a bit before heading to The Walk.
Micah loved The Walk, he loved the animals, the "chocolate pennies," and all of the other gifts that he collected for Jesus along the way.

Nothing like a Walk Through Bethlehem to really get you in the Christmas mood! I'm so excited! I love this time of the year (with the exception of the weather :)

Father Son Fun

I am SO excited that Micah is finally at an age that Stacy and him can do things together. For one year of his life I needed to be with him for most of the time (not that I had anything else to do) I'm just saying :) Now that Micah is potty trained and for a big part self sufficient, Stacy has no problem taking Micah places alone. Sometimes it's nice to have a quiet house, and I tend to get a lot more accomplished when both boys are gone.
Stacy and Micah love a lot of the same things. Micah is still just a mini Stacy. They both love tools, so when the schedule was released for Lowes kid's workshop, they were on top of it. During the past month, they've been to Lowes, The Home Depot, and Bass Pro Shop building and making all kinds of things. Here they are hard at work on a snowman card holder.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I feel like the last month or so has just flown by! We have had a lot to do. I thought I'd attempt to update you on a few things that have been going on. To begin with I LOVE fall. I love the weather most of all, but of course I LOVE UGA football. I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as I can during the fall, because during the cold weather I tend to stay inside a whole lot more. Micah and I enjoyed trips to several parks this fall.

And spent a lot of time at his "eating place" and his "ice cream place." (These are his favorite places outside in the woods.) I know I've said it a million times, but the boy could live outside. I am already disliking winter. I do not like Having to wear long clothes! Anyway we had a lot of fun during the fall. One day I raked up a BIG pile of leaves and Micah played and played.... until he got some kind of poop on him. Something had pooped in the edge of our yard close to the woods and it got in our leaf pile. Micah gagged when he smelled it (just like his Mama) so that was the end of that!
We went to Paw-Paw's house for Thanksgiving for some yummy food
and MAN was it a windy day! It was nice catching up and visiting with family, but don't be surprised when I tell you that most of my time was spent outside with Micah. He is quite the wanderer and there would have been NO way to find him if he had wandered out on that day! The wind was So loud blowing through the leaves. After Thanksgiving lunch I went outside to find Micah playing with the big kids. They had a sled and were riding down a BIG hill of leaves. I knew that Micah would LOVE it! I asked Hannah if she could ride with her. They rode together and all was fun and good until they crashed into a tree!! I was so scared, Micah's feet and legs hit the tree so hard, I was sure he had broken something. He didn't, thank goodness, but needless to say that was the end of the hill for us.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can't wait to loose weight

I have by NO means ever been a small person, (well maybe when I was younger than 3rd grade) Anyway, I didn't think I was small when I got married, but I was okay with my size. Now when I look back at wedding pictures, I feel awful. I have gained a lot of weight. I know that carrying that little boy in my belly for 9 months changed a lot of things about me, but it's been 3 years. I am so ready to feel good about myself again!!
Stacy and I had a gym membership up until July of this year when we did our annual 4th of July event, we opted to go to New York with our money instead of renewing our membership. Needless to say we've not been working out for 5 months, and I can feel it! I NEED a gym membership, I Need to pay up front (not only for the discount, but so that I'll go and not make excuses about not having the money) Well one of the things that Stacy and I just did was renew our membership. My goal and plan is to go M-W while Micah is at school and hopefully Friday and either Saturday or Sunday. We joined on Sunday afternoon, Stacy was off on Monday, so we were able to work out together. I enjoy having a workout partner. Tuesday and Wednesday I went as well. This week I didn't go to Target, or the mall, or Publix, but I also didn't accomplish anything at home either while Micah was schooling. I already am feeling better, I wish I was running now, the only down side to Anytime Fitness is there's no one to watch children.
A lot of people don't don't like to exercise, and think that it's awful. I enjoy it and can't wait to loose weight!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Future Photographer

Micah LOVES cameras, video cameras, computers, i phones, pretty much anything electronic. He's pretty good at using them too. He's the main reason I purchased my new i phone (which I LOVE) He is so good at it and knows more about it than I do! He's had Mama's to practice on for about a year though. I LOVE my new phone but that's another story for another day. Today I wanted talk about Micah's photo skills and share some of his photos.
You may think his pics are a little strange, but they are all things he loves. He loves his Aunt Laura, Cats, hence the cat litter, and the BIG bat at Costco. He is one silly man.
Micah told me a while back that he'd like a camera for his birthday (meaning Christmas) He also specified that he wanted one like mine, not a play one! Um, you're Three. Meanwhile I showed him one of those Kid Tough cameras, and told him it was a neat one, he'd still like one like mine. Hmmm I'm thinking that maybe just maybe I'll buy a new one for myself and just give him me old one, the other option is buying him a nice cheap one on Black Friday, decisions decisions.