Thursday, May 13, 2010

Picnic Time

Although Micah has one week left of school, his class had their end of the year picnic on Wednesday. I was very glad that I went. I have met a lot of really nice people this year who will not be returning to Child's World next year because their children are going to Kindergarten.
It was an truly beautiful day for a picnic, just a little too warm for me as I am getting rounder and rounder day by day. I Love to watch Micah play and interact with other children. Here are Micah and Nicco at their "icecream shop." They have become wonderful friends this year.
And here are Maggie and Micah enjoying their yummy picnics. I love that girl!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was a whole lot of fun, I just wish it had been a little bit warmer. We begged Daddy to open the pool so that we could have a pool party. But it just wasn't quite warm enough to get in. Normally our first swim of the season is Memorial Day, but this year has already been so warm. I can't wait to get into the pool! We all had our normal Sunday lunch at the Rent's house where Stacy grilled out for everyone. Yummy! After lunch we danced
Then we posed for pics. First, me and my sweet Mama
Then all of the sisters with our sweet Mama
And lastly, me and my sweet Micah.
Micah was so excited about "Valentine's Day," meaning Mother's Day. He woke up ready to give me my present. He got me a battery life extender for my iphone. I am SO excited about it, but have yet to need to use it. After a fun afternoon at the Rent's we came home for naps and then Stacy wanted to go out to eat. When Stacy asked Micah where he'd like to take his mother for a nice supper, he said "Waffle House." Are you serious? He's only been there one time in his life and it was probably two years ago. What in the world made him think that Waffle House would be a nice dinner, we'll never know.... Maybe it's because they cook in front of you, doesn't that make a resturant nice? :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

End of the Year

Our first year at Child's World has been one of the best years of Micah's life. He Loves school and wishes that he could go everyday....maybe next year ;) One of the first things out of Micah's mouth every morning is "Is today a school day?" He has made some wonderful friends this year and has learned SO much, I just don't know what we'll do during the summer.
Micah has an August birthday, so he is the baby in his class. I really think that he's stepped up to the plate and done very well considering, but after A LOT of thought and consideration, we've decided to keep him in the 3 year old class for one more year. Having an August baby is rough, especially if your child is a boy. I have an August birthday and so does my younger sister Laura. We were both held back so that we would not be the babies in school. I don't want Micah to always be the baby in school, so we're going to take care of things early. We LOVE Mrs. Scott and look forward to another year with her (not that we don't love all of the Child's World teachers :)
Last night was the end of the year program. I think that it went very well. Micah had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. Micah played a pig and was quite a darling little pig boy. He was the most funny when he spotted us in the audience. He let everyone know where Mam-ma was. He told Mrs. Scott, and all of the other children around him. He was SOO excited. The program was extra cute and we had a blast. Hopefully the last two weeks of school won't fly by too fast!

Micah's new room

Due to the fact that we're adding to our family, Micah is getting a "brand new room." Stacy and Micah have been busy transforming our old play room into a bedroom. Micah's furniture is large and the furniture alone takes up the majority of the room that he's currently in. We don't keep toys in his current room which has worked out wonderfully, and I think that's part of the reason that he still takes naps at least a few days out of the week (because there's nothing else for him to do in his room) I NEED to rest during the afternoon. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, I'll hope so, because I'm already afraid of him giving up naps all together before, or when his brother arrives :o Back to the room though, it's coming along wonderfully and I think (Hope) everything will fit better in this room, being that all of his toys will be in there too. I can't wait to see the finished product....hopefully in the next few days :)

G Day Game 2010

I am SO excited that I became well in enough time for spring. All kinds of fun things happen during the spring, plus the weather is some of my favorite. Over a month ago (I'm playing catch up) we attended the G Day game in Athens. I always have so much fun. This year we tailgated with friends and ate some yummy food before heading over to the stadium.
Although we love spending time with our friends, and we LOVE to eat ANYTHING Russell cooks on the grill, the Best part of G Day is it's free! Although we've done it in the past, I have a hard time spending $30 on a football ticket for Micah. His attention span is not very long at all. He'd rather roam around and people watch. I remember one of the first years that I was a UGA season ticket holder, we had a man a couple of rows in front of us who brought his two young boys to every game. The man would wear his headphones (listening to Munson, of course) and his young sons would sit so still and actually watch the game. I remember this because I was amazed at how well behaved and calm the boys were. My Micah, is far from the sit still type. We were able to stay until the 3rd quarter of the G Day game, but didn't feel bad having to leave early because of course it was free. Anyway, here are my two favorite boys :)