Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture and Punky Doodle Day

After having 2 days off of school this week due to flooding Micah and I were so ready for him to go back!! Today was school picture day. As I was dropping him off I saw a sign saying that the Little Acres Farm trip had been rescheduled for today. It had been delayed since last Wednesday when the rain began. The farm has been coming to the school for 20+ years bringing horses for the children to care for and ride. Punky Doodle is a 27 year old horse that has been coming for a LONG time, even my little sister Laura rode him! Well, the sad story is that Punky Doodle is retiring after this year. But isn't it fun that Laura and Micah both got to enjoy him? BTW Laura is 25!! Well my big plans that I had for today as my only morning off were quickly erased as knew that I really wanted to see Micah with Punky Doodle, so I spent my morning at the school. It was fun to see him with his class and see the children that he talks about.
Micah has ridden several horses, so Punky Doodle wasn't his first, but he sure did enjoy himself. He brushed him, kissed him, fed him, rode him, and kissed him again!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poor Kitties

Stacy and Micah went to The Home Depot and to Target the other night. In the truck between the two stores Micah decided to call his kitties (there are 3 of them.... Binga, Flower and Big Kitty.... They are pretend) Anyway he told the kitties that he was going into Target and that he would call them back when he was finished shopping. Stacy and Micah did their shopping and returned to the truck. Micah remembered to call his kitties back and all Stacy heard was "" Stacy asked what was wrong and Micah told Stacy that his kitties had been hit. Apparently, the story goes like this.... His kitties were shopping at Target too and were getting ready to leave (they drive a pink car) and they got hit by another car in the parking lot. But "don't worry, they're okay. " Isn't he a hoot? :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Only three weeks

into school, and Micah got put into time out. When I pick him up he is always SO tired. He doesn't enjoy telling me about his day at all at this point. He would rather sleep, or just be plain out irritable. Sometimes I get bits and pieces of his day, but normally I learn more about it as the day goes on. Today he told me that they learned about snakes and that they say "rattle rattle." They talked about the color green and made a frog. Then kind of shyly he told me that Mrs. Scott put him in time out today. I asked him why, to which he responded, "I put all that soap down the drain." Oh no! Well, it's a good thing that I coupon, get soap for cheap and have already supplied his school with a month's worth of soap! Anyway, I felt awful at first, I thought I would surely cry. Then I decided against it. Micah is a very smart and inquisitive child. He learns through touching things. Some children just see things, or hear things and go on with their lives, but My Sweet Micah touches Everything. He has to try things to figure them out, and I just have to remember this always.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The love of school

Micah Loves school. He is excited to go, and always asks to stay late. He'd prefer to eat lunch there, take a nap there, maybe even live there. There are 18 children in his class and he goes 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. Again, he'd prefer to go everyday, but my pocket wouldn't like that! He Loves Mrs. Scott (his teacher) Last week he learned the bible verse was Psalm 139:14 I am beautifully (fearfully) and wonderfully made. During the month of December they are learning colors and talking about animals. Two weeks ago they talked about family and friends and made a book. In the book were questions like his parents names, he got those correct. Ages, he said that I was 4 and Stacy was 8. Jobs, he said that I cook, and Stacy works on cabinets. What we like to do, he said I like to play and Eat Cake!!! Crazy!! I do not! Stacy likes to play trucks. He is so funny! Some funny things that Micah has said recently...
- On a trip to Kroger he got so excited when we were in the dried fruit section "I want some of those chocolatey beans" Yogurt raisins :)
- To Mrs. Scott last week "I haven't had food in a looonnnngggg time." Mrs. Scott said we just had apples for snack, to which he responded, "that's not food." (He wanted a meal, not a snack)
-Praying at night "Help me to stay in my bed for just a little bit...."
- At Daddy's birthday last weekend "This is the best birthday party ever!"
- While Stacy was driving the car "Daddy you're making me sick of a dog."
- When he's hungry he says "My tummy's hungry it's saying (and he growls) I want some food."
I'm sure there will be more soon :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Erythema Multiforme (poor guy)

School began for Micah yesterday. I thought and thought about wether I should put him in school this year. He has a Very late birthday, he's a boy, and he's been home with me for the past 3 years. I was very nervous about the whole idea, but with a little persuasion :) I enrolled him in a small school that I love. It's the same one that Laura went to when she was 3 and she turned out OK! Two sisters own the school and I love everyone who works there. I know that they'll be kind to Micah and that he'll have fun too! He was not scared or shy at all. He hopped of of the van and off he ran, for a morning full of fun and excitement. Stacy was off for the morning so we ran some errands before picking Micah up at 12:00. He was so tired when we picked him up that I didn't get to hear much about his day. (He becomes very irritable when he's sleepy) I learned that P. Mooney visited, (puppet) they had circle time, read a book about a lion, and that they had Sonic for lunch. One of the mothers sent lunch for everyone in the class (SOO sweet) I didn't have to worry about feeding him yesterday :) He told me that he traded juice with the girl beside him and that he traded yellow for blue and that he ate M&Ms :) I know he had fun!
This morning Micah woke up scratching all over his chest. As I began to look at him I saw that he had an awful rash. His forehead was bright red, and his eyes were swollen. This was at 7:00, by the time the doctor opened and I called at 8:55, his back, chest, face, and legs were rash covered.
(The pictures don't even do it justice, it was BAD) I was SO worried. I took him to the doctor and by the time we got there he had a Very runny nose. Micah just had his 3 year check up 2 weeks ago, so the doctor was ready to tell me that it was just a side affect of the MMR vaccination, until she saw the poor guy. They took a blood sample, a urine sample, and she even had the head Doctor at the office look at him. I was Very worried at this time! Come to find out, she thinks that it was just a severe reaction to something he ate....probably with artificial coloring. I think that it was probably the blue juice :( We'll be watching that for sure! With 2 prescriptions for steroids in hand and a diagnosis of Erythema Multiforme we headed home. We'll see how this goes. Micah is on one steroid that causes sleepiness, and the other causes hyperactivity! Oh no! Maybe the sleepy one will be the strongest!!