Thursday, October 21, 2010

School Pumpkin Patch year 2

This morning was Micah's class's turn to go on the hayride and go to the Pumpkin Patch at his school. I went last year and remembered how fun it was, I knew that I'd be going back for sure this year. I got there a little early because I just Love to see Micah in a school setting. I got there in time to see him be picked to be a "helper." He chose the calendar. He has told me that's his favorite so that was a great start to his day :)
After the calendar and the pledge, it was time to get on the hayride. I was just as excited as the kids. These sisters sure make it a fun experience. They had a lot of the same things set up this year, but there were also some new things. One of my favorite things is the cabbage patch. Ms. Kathy who plays the nurse delivered twin boys today. The kids got to name them. They named them Patton and Brayden (after Ms. Boswell's grandson:) Here's the cabbage patch and Micah and Nicco watching the delivery.

After the hayride, everyone got to pick a pumpkin. Here's Micah with his.
And his class

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Helen Trip

Although the last time we went to Helen was 4 years ago, as soon as we got there I remembered why I love it so. Here are just a couple of reasons.

Micah loved it. Being that since birth he has always been an outside boy, it was right up his alley. He probably could have spent several hours just throwing rocks into the river. It was a good thing that it was too cold for anyone to be tubing :)
This was Party Jumps first weekend off since the middle of summer, so I wanted to do something fun. I mentioned something to Stacy about Gold Rush, but we ended up in Helen instead. We were trying to figure out what was going on when we got into traffic at least 5+ miles outside of down town. It took us at least 30+ minutes to get into Helen. This wouldn't have been a big deal 4 years ago, but this time we had a little boy ask every 3 minutes, "are we almost to the fun place yet?" We didn't tell him where we were going, just that he was going to have fun. Oh yeah, we also had a "starving" not quite 2 month old :) When we finally turned the curve and Micah could finally see Helen he must have said, "I can't believe it!" a million times. He was So excited and we hadn't even gotten outside of the car. We finally ended up parking way down at Cool River Tubing, because parking was no where to be found. It was Packed! Come to find out it was all due to Oktober fest!
After Patton was fed, we began our trek downtown. We enjoyed people watching and going into little shops. (Note to self and anyone else who might care, most shops are not stroller friendly.... wear your baby) We went into the Christmas Store where we saw this Nutcracker. Micah loves nutcrackers :)
We went into our favorite store Hansel and Gretel and got to look at and smell delicious candies. Stacy chose his favorite "Chattahoochee Snappers" Aka turtles, and Micah chose a chocolate lightbulb sucker? At least he enjoyed every bite :)
After the candy break, we stopped by what Micah called the "picture fountain," before we headed back to the car. (BTW LOOK I'm wearing Real clothes!! Only 5 pounds to go until I'm at Patton's pre-pregnancy weight!) Still a long way from where I want to be, but still good if you ask me :)
When we got back to the car, everyone needed to take a little break and enjoy the river one last time before departing.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Our family had a fun filled weekend last weekend. All of our excitement began on Friday afternoon we enjoyed our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. This year it was just our little family and Nut. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. Take a look at baby Micah on his first trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

And Patton's First trip :)

Stay tuned for Saturday's fun...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Guessed it!

I have gallstones! :( I am So sad. Although I have learned a lot during the last week+ I still have so many unanswered gallbladder questions. After seeing the Dr. at the Urgent Care place, he sent me to have an ultrasound done on my gallbladder. I was told that I have several stones. I don't know what several means. I also don't know the size of these stones. I was most upset when I was told to avoid milk, (I had been making my own smoothies for breakfast EVERY morning) leafy greens, (I can't eat salad?) and any fatty, fried, greasy foods (although I understand, it's hard). Imagine how hard that is! Especially with a new baby. My babies like most always have a rough time between 5-7, right when I should be cooking. For the past 6 weeks, it's been a whole lot easier to eat out than to have to cook! When I did more research, I found that other triggers are processed foods, (which apparently we eat way too much off) eggs, pretty much every meat other than chicken, turkey, and filet mignon. Every single website is different. Some say corn is fine, the next one says Avoid corn. This is the same for ALMOST every food excluding pears and cucumbers. Although I've said a hundred times, that if I could be on The Biggest Looser, I'd win. This is TOTALLY different. I mean, I can't even eat salad? I have been living on turkey sandwiches, with no cheese and no mayo, and boring ol' grilled chicken for the past week+. Right now I dread meal times, and normally I LOVE eating.
On Saturday between inflatable rentals Stacy took me to Roadhouse Grill where I ordered a Delicious Filet Mignon, baked potato, and a salad! My stomach is shrinking for sure, because I couldn't even eat half of my steak! I ate the salad, and nothing happened. I have yet to have another attack, but dread having one. That's why I've really been watching what I've been eating. I would rather not have to have my gallbladder removed if I don't have to. I dread the lifelong side effects that it Could cause, but if I have to have it removed then I have to have it removed. I went to my PCP today and will be referred to a surgeon. That way, if I do decide to have it removed I won't have to have some ER doctor do it. I was told today that every person with gallstones is different. Some only have one attack ever in their life, some have them very often, and some are not so frequent. I wish I knew I I'd ever have another one before removing mine.
I really really REALLY just want to be able to eat REAL foods and drink orange juice, and smoothies. I miss Chick-fil-A, Chili's, Chinese, and Mexican. I may take a risk and see what happens. What do you think?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frogs and Major Pain.... what is it?

Last weekend was fun and exciting to say the least. My dear sweet cousin Hannah got to stay with us a little bit last weekend. We had a lot of fun. We were planning on taking her and Micah to Faith Fest which is a festival put on by 104.7 The Fish in Winder last Saturday, but come to find out it was the same time as her school's festival. We decided to go there instead. She was SO excited she hadn't got to go since she was in the first grade. There were games, inflatables,



and best of all Prizes!! Hannah won TWO frogs! She was SOOO excited, look at all their loot :)
Here are my big man and my little bitty all tuckered out afterwards :)
All of this fun happened last Saturday. Last Friday I picked Hannah up from school and brought her to our house. We had plans to go with Nut and Jerms to dinner. Laura came when she finished school. We were just hanging out discussing where we'd eat while Micah and Hannah played outside enjoying the Wonderful fall weather when I began to feel an awful pain. It began almost in my chest and radiated to my back. It was awful. I couldn't sit down, at first all I could do was walk. Then Laura thought I should lie down. I had a very hard time breathing, it was easier to not breathe, than to have to breathe. I finally lay down and was still in major pain. I was sweating and couldn't get comfortable for anything. I finally took some medicine that they gave me in the hospital after having Patton. It was that bad. It lasted for 30-45 minutes and by the time it was over, my shirt was very wet, I was burning up. It had to be the worst pain I have ever been in next to giving birth. Although the AWFUL pain did go away on Friday night I had some more weird symptoms on Saturday. I ended up taking myself to an Urgent Care Place on Sunday. I'd love to hear what YOU think is wrong, I'll update soon on what they think it is. (NO guessing if you already know!!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Party Party Party and Party

I was beginning to feel real sorry for people in August because Micah, Patton, Nut, and I all celebrate birthdays. But then September rolled around, and I quickly realized that we have just as many birthdays to celebrate in September. We celebrated Hannah's early again this year, so now we get the whole month of October off, to save for Christmas presents :)
We began September celebrating Daddy. He first asked for Apple TV, then he decided he'd like a new Mac mini.... We ended up giving him money to let him buy whatever he wanted to. He's probably already spent it at Costco (his favorite store.) Here's my Daddy on his birthday, and my baby's daddy with his little football :)
Next came the celebration of Rowan. He was supposed to have a pool party like everyone else, but an awful storm came and his party was moved indoors. He is happy to be 3! (Begin to notice people's birthday/ cake posses :)
Next we celebrated Hannah. She was excited about all of her gifts!
For the last party of the month, we celebrated Daphne.
Here's Patton relaxing at the party.
Here are are the trouble making cousins together with their matching shirts that say "Caution May require supervision." Which is perfect for these two! I can't keep up with all of the things that they've gotten into, but most recently there was a flooded basement, and the inside of Mama's car was decorated with lipstick! Needless to say, when both of these boys are missing, something is bound to go wrong :) LOVE those boys!