Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Field Trip

We have a Landfill not far from our house. We pass it everyday on the way to school. Micah asks me questions about it ALL the time. Not too long ago we had to deliver some cotton candy on the back side of the landfill.... Micah had only seen the front. He wanted to "walk there" SO bad. The boy is nearly obsessed. He LOVES garbage men and tries tell them Thank you every week. He's so sweet, but I can not figure out where this love comes from. He has been wanting to go to the landfill for a long time now, but to tell you the truth I thought it would be a little bit strange to go there and tell the workers that my boy wanted to go on a tour..... Well, two of my uncles own/ owned a landfill. I told Micah that he should tell Uncle Don that he'd like to go visit. He did, it's been months ago and we finally made the trip this week. Uncle Don met us when we got there and gave Micah his very own Waste Management hat. Micah was SO proud.
Don only had enough room for 2 in his truck, so Micah and I went while Stacy and Patton waited. Micah got to sit in the front. He was so excited. As we bumped along up the hill Don told us a little about the landfill. We learned that the fires that always burn are methane gas. We learned how the trash is dumped, zipped, and covered. We leaned about the water storage and saw the water tank. So far they are caught 3 million gallons of water this year. Their landfill is 480 acres and they just purchaced another 480. That's HUGE! The one near our house is only 120. We watched several trucks dump their loads, and we watched them move it around.
I just had to get one of Micah with the landfill in the background. I never in a million years would have imagined I would have enjoyed a trip like this, but I tell you what.... I had fun, and it didn't even smell at all!! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Patton LOVES Micah. The feeling is mutual. Micah can make Patton smile like no one else can. It's one of the sweetest things ever. Micah was out in the back yard. I was cleaning the kitchen and this is what I found...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

Back in the spring I learned about a special that Zoo Atlanta had through the library. Stacy was off several days this week, so I tracked down a library that didn't let the DVD leave the premises. We went on Tuesday, got a new card, and watched the movie. It was all of 22 minutes. And as easy as that, we got our pass. I had heard that today was supposed to be somewhat cooler than it has been, so we planned to go to the zoo today. We've had spotty showers recently but decided to take a chance and go anyway. We got there about 10 and it was raining lightly. We took in our umbrellas but ended up buying ponchos because it was easier. Our first stop were the flamingos. Micah was So excited.

Side note. As a child, the zoo was not my idea of fun at all. Maybe when I was Micah's age I enjoyed it, but there is a picture of me on my last trip to the zoo.... It shows a very pouty Miriam. I DID NOT want to be there at all. I was in the middle school. Me and the sisters were given the choice of the zoo or Six Flags, and we ended up at the zoo. I was so upset. Mama says that we ended up going to Six Flags another day, but that sad day just left me not loving the zoo. I have never been one to enjoy learning trips until the past 10 or so years. And since Micah was born, I think more about his enjoyment that my own. We've thought about going to the zoo for several years now, but I really wanted him to be able to enjoy it. And now that he's old enough to enjoy things, I mean REALLY enjoy things like the zoo, water parks, etc. we have a baby too...... So that limits us to some extent. Anyway, back to our day. We had a BLAST! We saw all of the animals minus the rhino and the lion who were bothe hiding. Stacy and I both loved the gorillas the most. The little ones were the cutest things. They were rough housing, and one walked away from the other, and sat down and folded his arms, then he hoped up and went right back at the other one. I laughed out loud. They were funny.

Micah enjoyed most all of the things that we saw, but got real excited when he saw a "real zebra," and said, "that's the monkeys that I wanted to see," when we saw the orangutans :) We had a great time. Micah fed the exotic birds, and petted and brushed animals and before we knew it it was after lunch. About an 45 minutes into our walk, the drizzle and by the time we were leaving, the sun was shinning. It was a Perfect day for the zoo!

The last time that we tried to go to the zoo we ended up having lunch at The Flying Biscuit Cafe. This time I thought it would be fun to go again since we were so close. Aparently there are several within a short distance of the zoo, because we ended up at a different one this time. It was delicious as expected, even better this time because I could eat whatever I wanted to. Oh man, those grits were yummy! It was probably close to 2:00 when we finally ate lunch. Micah was SO excited that he AGAIN missed nap time, but after about 10 minutes in the car this is what I saw.

Since we had such a trafficy ride home, I had a lot of time to think, and my thinking led us to Scoops. What a wonderful ending to a wonderful day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

What we've been up to

I feel like we have been SO busy, but I have No idea what we've been doing. Some days seen to fly by, others seem to drrraaaggg. I just uploaded some pics to help me figure out what in the world we've been doing this summer.
We go to the pool at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes more. Patton likes the pool and enjoys splashing around. I, on the other hand sometimes enjoy going to the pool during nap time. I lay Patton down and Micah and I have a good ol' time. Micah learned to swim by himself last year which was a HUGE blessing, being that I was very round and all. This year Micah only needed to be in the pool a hand full of times before he had it down pat again. He swims all over the shallow end by himself, but has yet to jump of the diving board without a life jacket on. He is a little fish swiming under the water. During the school year, every day Micah would ask "Is this a school day?" During the summer he asks "Are we going to the pool today?" At least he does take after me a little bit :)

A couple of weeks ago Sarah and Noah met us and hung at the pool for a while. I just get a kick out of seeing Sweet P with other babies.

Last week Micah attended Vacation Bible Camp. He had a great time. Every day he was worn out, but he had a great time learning new songs, and playing with new friends. The last day of Bible School, Micah got to go up on the stage in front of everyone to hold and help with "Alice the Camel." Here he is looking all grown up. He is a handful, but man I love this boy!

We have joked since we moved here that we have an umbrella over us. It can be raining, storming, or snowing all around us, but we'll not even get a drop here. Last week there were a couple of afternoons that surrounding areas got a good bit of rain. Finally we got lucky and got some. We were outside (surprise surprise) when it began to rain. I told Micah that we needed to go inside so that we wouldn't get soaked. He obeyed. Then I began to think that the poor boy never gets to play in the rain, because we just don't get enough. I told him that he could play in the rain. He put on his rain boots, rode his bike, splashed in puddles, and was SO happy. He played for 30 minutes (as long as the rain came down;)

Party Jumps is in full swing. We have been since February. Saturday we had a couple of parties, followed by a double party for Christian and Ethan that night. It was supposed to be a pool party, but it got rained out. We had to leave early to pick up our slide during the middle of the storm. We returned for cake and presents. Look how big theses boys are getting! 15 and 10!!

Oh yeah, and I finally got a pic of P's bottom teeth :) Remember he also has his top fangs :)

Yesterday was Father's Day. We celebrated the day by cleaning and drying the slide. We took Daddy to lunch at O'Charley's, set up a moonwalk, and swam with Daph and fam. Nut is at Super Wow and Mama was in the country. It was by far not the best Father's Day ever, but at least we got a chance to spend time with the fam:) I am Very Thankful that I have a wonderful Daddy. Sometimes, being that we are business partners we have our rough times but I don't know what I'd do without him! Here's my Daddy, and my Baby Daddy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday Micah told me "He have tree frogs." I said "tree frogs?" He said, a frog bowl, a frog bib, and a frog cup. One, two, tree. Tree frogs" :)

Patton is on the move. He began crawling this week. I tried to post a video, but am having issues. Anyway, yesterday morning Patton crawled over to the dustbuster and was playing with the cord. Micah who typically like to watch over Patton warned him to stop playing with the cord. He said, "Patton, if you play with cords you'll get shocked. Then you'll be just like chicken, and we'll eat you." What in the world!?


It has been SO hot lately. We enjoy ourselves as much as we can in the morning and after supper. The other night after I finished cleaning up the kitchen I walked outside and found my boys playing catch. I LOVE to see Stacy and Micah Play together.

Isn't he sweet!? Rain boots and all :)

Micah's getting pretty good at catching the ball. :) Love these guys:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day, First Real Swim, and Jerms

Monday was a fun day. We began our day bright and early by headed to the Memorial Day Parade. We got there the same time we normally get there, but the 5K was still going on. Apparently they had some Really slow people this year. We sat in traffic and sat in traffic. We finally were able to drive and made it in time to sit in our regular place. Nut didn't come this year, but the Rent's and Ms. Martha and Hannah did. I told my friend Courtney about it and she and her fam came. Patton got to see Jack.
The parade began and it was HOT! Stacy and Patton found a shady spot under a tree and spent most of the time there. Micah got more candy than he's ever gotten..... Even more than Halloween :) We had fun despite the heat. We hung at the festival for a few before heading to Sonny's.
After a delicious lunch we headed to the pool to cool off.
This was Patton's first time in the real pool. He didn't know what to think at first.
But then he got used to it. He had a blast splashing all over the place.

Here's Patton's pruney foot after being in the pool. Isn it not the coolest pic!? Thank you Ms. Martha! I love it!
We ended the day by celebrating Jerms' 28th birthday. We all went in together and got him a GoPro, it's a cool little thing :)
Fun times :) There are sevreal more new blogs below. Enjoy!