Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent notes

Just a couple of the notes I've taken lately....
We had dinner at a friend's house. She was drinking wine. Micah asked, "Mama, what is that?" It's grape juice. "That grape juice smells really gross." It's fermented grape juice.
Nice explanation?

After supper one night I said "Oh, I am not well." "what's wrong mama? Do you have a jet pack joy ride in your tummy?"
What in the world?!

Micah out of the blue: Mrs mason told us they can't teach bible in public schools. Am I going to a public school? "yes you are" well I think I should take my bible to school to let my teacher to read so the kids know all of the bible stories. " that would be really nice, but the teacher won't be able to read them.....
We are still discussing this one, especially after a little girl in Micah's class told him that "God doesn't love the children." :(

Micah : I'm so excited about today! I get icecream, I get to go to the pool, AND I get treasure box!!!
Patton responded "TJ Maxx TJ Maxx!!!"
These two are SO very different!!

While picking Micah up from school the PE teacher said "I just love that Micah. He's so animated."
Man, is that not one of the Best explanations of him?! Animated!

After telling Stacy that my van was having issues Micah said "maybe it just ate too much and was doing jumping jacks to feel better."

"I never want to ride the bus now. I know Mason uses the bathroom in his britches? And that's gross! I don't want to sit in it!"

"The next time you go to the store would you buy some fruit loops and some apples? Those seem to be popular snacks this year." :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Sad, but thankful.

I am So sad. Here I am 2 days before Patton's party and my computer won't work. I've known that it has been getting tired. I've used it a lot this summer specifically for Party Planning. I did a good bit of back to school shopping online, not to mention all of the other things I love like Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, weather channel, Etsy, Craigslist..... The list goes on. I'm calling myself Finished preparing for P's party. I'll go to Costco and buy some water, and I AM Done:) Although I have NO idea what happened to my computer, hoping Jerms can fix it, but in reality, I'm thinking I'll have to get a new one :( Meanwhile I am SO very thankful for my iPhone! I have no problem admitting that I Love my phone. I am able to blog from it and let you know that I am currently computerless, I'll try to catch up as soon as I can :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

UGA Picture Day 2012

As always we have been super excited about picture day for a while now. Stacy headed to Athens around 5 for tickets. We left home around 10, walked around down town and went to the book store. After lunch we went to wait in the first line of the day.... The line to get into the stadium. The gates opened at 1:00 for pictures of Russ who has been filling in for Uga. We were some of the very first people in the line and didn't wait more than 10- 15 minutes once we were inside the stadium. This is how our pictures turned out....

P didn't love Russ. I didn't expect him to be jumping for joy, but I sure didn't think he'd be THAT sad. Last year the boys made it in the newspaper. This year they made it on the web! http://georgia.scout.com/2/1212707.html

After Russ pictures we walked around. We found Hairy Dawg.

We found Big Dawg. 

And then we waited to meet Coach Mark Richt. This line was a good bit longer. People got tired. But in the end I think we got some good pictures. We had a great time in Athens. I LOVE that city!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The BIG day!

Monday was The Big Day! Although I thought I'd be nervous, I felt good walking Micah into the school. I had Everything packed and ready to go the night before. I had my purse, my camera bag, Micah's book bag, lunch box, bag Full of supplies, and a sweet tote that I made for his teacher. I grabbed all of the bags, Stacy loaded Patton and I took a few pictures of Micah before we left. Just as we were headed to the car Micah's lunch box's handle ripped off! No time to switch bags.... We had to go!

 We got to the school around 8:15. As soon as I got out of the car I said "I feel like I'm forgetting something." I didn't realize what it was until we got to the front door. Micah asked me if he could hold the tote for his teacher. I said "Oh No! I left it in the car." Stacy went back to get it. Time was ticking. We made it to the class room. I had imagined in my mind that the room would be full of parents.... It wasn't at all. There were NO other parents. So strange. I snapped some pictures of Micah with Ms. Greene and at his table. I looked around and saw the other children coloring school buses. I again said, "Oh NO! I forgot his supplies!" What kind of mother sends their kid to school on the first day without crayons?! I apologized and told Micah I would run home and get the bag and come right back. Ms. Greene told me not to worry, they had extra. I just couldn't be THAT mom. We ran home as fast as we could and I grabbed that bag that I left on the kitchen table and took it to the school. Micah had already asked the teacher what was taking so long :( I felt pretty bad, but knew he was in good hands. 

I knew that the car rider line would be bad on the first day (for the first week for that matter) So we planned to get there early. Sitting in line, the gas light came on in our car. It was hot and Stacy turned off the car to save gas. We sat in the heat for at least 45 minutes.... Finally it was our turn. We pulled up with our nice "Robinson" tag, and the teachers brought out the wrong Robinsons. They finally brought Micah out and we were on our way. Micah wouldn't tell us a thing about his day other than "the kids were mean," his favorite things were recess and computer lab. The teachers told the kids that they didn't have to close their eyes at nap time, but they have to stay quite and rest their bodies. AH!! Sweet Micah who has gone from 1 1/2 -2 hour naps a day, to a Micah with a Full school day and NO nap has been quite a challenge thus far. Instead of eating at 6 and bed at 7:30 -8, we now eat supper between 4:30-5:30 and he's in bed by 6:45-7. I have been told that it takes 2 weeks to get used to the schedule. I am praying that he can adjust better for every one's well being. Otherwise, he's being having a good time. He's made a friend named Hailey and has chosen to eat school food twice. Today while I was in car rider line the PE teacher came by and said "Robinson, what's they first name?" I guess they have to ask now due to tag confusion.... I told her "Micah." To which she replied "Micah Sims Robinson!" I, surprised said, "Yes. Do you know him?" She told me that she had him in PE today. She said that he came in the gym and sat down beside her. She said, he couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. The other teacher was calling roll and came to Micah, but apparently couldn't pronounce his name. Finally Ms. Duke turned and looked at Micah's name tag and asked if that was him and he said, "Sims Robinson is right, but that's not my name. I'm Micah Sims Robinson." LOL The PE teacher got a kick out of him. Silly Silly Micah.

Laura is 28!

Since we can, we like to celebrate birthdays throughout the whole month of August. First me, then Micah, Laura, Gavin, and Patton. Party, Party, Party. Saturday was Micah's party, so Nut's was on Sunday. We had a crowd. Everyone in the family was there. Even Martha. We ate lunch, had cake and ice cream, celebrated Laura and swam. It's hard to believe that my "little" sister is 28!! Mama didn't know if Daphne was making a cake, so she made one just in case. Daphne ended up making one, but was missing a piece to her icing contraption.... Mama let her use one, but it broke.... Happy Birthday La!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Micah turned six last weekend. I can not believe it! I had a great time planning his party this year. Thanks to my Sillhouette, I was able to make a whole lot of things myself. I made the sign, chip containers, his shirt.... the list goes on. I made most everything. 
This party was a whole lot different than last year. Last year even though the party was at the pool, we played games a whole lot of the time. This year we played one game. I named it "Pin the head on the Lego man." Everyone decorated their own Lego head and then TRIED to put it on the man :)
Hudson won the pin the head game, and there was a tie between Jonathan and Laura for guessing the right number of Legos. Laura was happy with her prize!
People enjoyed being in the pool even though it was a little cool due to recent rain. 
Everyone who was invited came to the party, other than Micah's buddy Nicco :( and Ms. Cindy and Mr. Jeff. I had a fun time visiting. 
As I was putting some of the finishing touches on the party Amber and Riley came over for a visit. I told her all about my plans. She then volunteered to make Micah's cake and cookies! I was SO excited. I'll be watching her baby this year while she works, so we traded services. The cake and cookies were perfect for the Lego themed party.
Micah got a ton of great gifts!! He was so excited to get a pirate patch and I just Love his expression when he got some underwear for Patton Brown Bear.
The party was Perfect.... Now to plan P's in 2 weeks......

Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Week

Last week was The Last Week before beginning elementary school. It was ALSO the last week before Micah's birthday party. To say I was a little stressed would be an understatement. Last Monday I did a lot of running around buying the last minute things for Micah's party. I found out that Everyone who we invited was coming. I had to prepare for a crowd. I had planned to go to the park Tuesday morning for a play date. We had to reschedule because while Stacy was working in Alabama he came across a landscaper who was literally dumping pallet after pallet of sod into a dumpster. Stacy found out that because the neighborhood was so nice, they weren't allowed to put down sod that wasn't all green. Stacy asked if he could have some. He brought home 2 3/4 pallets of sod home. The deal was he had to work the next day, but needed the trailer by the following day. Therefore the play date was postponed and I with the help of Micah and Patton laid almost 3 pallets of sod. Although our yard could use another 6+ loads, what I laid is looking Great!

We ended up having a park day on Wednesday. We met Sarah, Courtney, and Kary, and kids. It was a beautiful morning and we all had a great time.

Wednesday night we were finishing up a little more birthday stuff and I got a call from Hannah inviting us to dinner. We ended up meeting Hannah and Ms. Martha at Kani House. Yum Yum. We told the waiter that it was Micah's birthday (it was only 2 days away) and they sang to him, gave him special chopsticks and a hat. I can not believe my first born is SIX!

Thursday morning we went to a consignment sale in Buford (thank you Kim for the tip) and were able to find some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle books for Micah. He was So excited. We went to the phone repair store and got Micah's iPod fixed (it's what he wanted for his birthday.) He got mad at a game he was playing months ago, he hit the uncased iPod on the wall.... He called me crying to tell me about it and told me that it looked like a "spider web." :( The repair was $50 and it's as good as new. Now to order an Otter box off of Amazon before anything else happens!
Friday, Friday, Friday. That was The Big day. It was Open House at Micah's new school. I was beyond nervous. I seriously had a hard time sleeping all week worrying about Micah and the whole Big school situation. I was sick as a dog as I walked through the front door. I finally found the classroom and was introduced to Ms. Greene. She was nice. She was really nice. I think that this year will go really well. I spent over an hour and a half at the school. I talked to Ms. Greene for a long time. I really like her. I think we'll be okay after all. After picking up my last minute embroidery things, we had lunch and headed to the pool. We spent the afternoon at the pool and headed to bed early so that we could all be rested for a Busy Busy Saturday.