Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Yo Gabba Gabba (I promise I'll blog a real blog day :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the end

of 2009, so it's time for me to update what I've accomplished from my 20.9 goals list.
1. Be a better couponer I saved A LOT of money in 2009. I became addicted to coupons and have a VERY difficult time paying full price on ANYTHING now!

2. Call a friend (I hardly ever call anyone other than family..this might be hard)
I did okay on this one.... I might have called 3 people ;)

3. Support Stacy in everything he chooses to do
This is huge, and I think I did okay

4. Teach Micah
Along with everyone else who comes in contact with Micah, he learned way more than I expected during the year. He is such a big boy!

5. Garden
Well, this is one that got done, but not at my house. Micah and I helped Mama at Paw-Paw's house this year. We had tons of beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, corn, squash, cucumbers, okra, pumpkins.... what else? we had a lot!

6. TRY to catch up on scrapbooking
This is one thing left unaccomplished. I feel really bad about leaving Micah left at 2 years old, but I did make a couple photo books. (They cost a lot less, and take a lot less time :)

7. Read a new book (it's been about a year)
I LOVE Nicholas Sparks and have read all of his books, I have just recently finished The Last Song.... LOVED IT!

8. Find a good and affordable babysitter
Undone... Maybe this year

9. Go on a date at least once a month (with Stacy :)
Once a month was a little too much, especially without a babysitter, but we did go out several times :)

10. Be a good and loving wife
I did okay on this one

11. Declutter
This is an ongoing thing, as soon as I finish one room, another one jumps out!

12. Market for our ever growing Party Jumps We did some real good business this year, although a lot of corporate business is down, we still made a little money :)

13. Potty train Micah
DONE! Quick and simple... Special thanks to my dear cousin Emily!

14. Pay off a credit card
Another big accomplishment! This year it will be the truck!

15. Learn to eat at home more
We did okay.... I mean, now we have a McDonalds, a Subway, a Stevie B's, and a Chinese resturaunt 3 minutes from our house, we still eat out, just not as much!

16. Do something useful during Micah's nap

17. Have game nights more often We hosted several game nights at our house during this past year. I love games!

18. Work out no matter how tired I feel
As long as I have a gym membership, I'm there as often as I can be there.

19. Become a great drummer (Guitar Hero World Tour)
I think I was okay.... We stopped playing quite a while ago, now we're playing the New Mario for the Wii.

20. Be the best Mama that I can be I'm always trying :)

(20.9) Take the time to smell the roses I did smell a few ;)
So, I think I did alright. I have no clue what my resolution for 2010 should be..... any ideas?