Friday, July 27, 2012

Patton Brown Bear

In the 13 years that I've been shopping at the Mall of Georgia, I have never stepped foot into Build A Bear..... until a month ago. Micah just wanted to look around. We took him. He liked it and wanted to build a bear. Although that was not in our plans for the day, Stacy wanted to let him build one. So a little over a week later we went back. It was a surprise to Micah, but he was SO excited. It took him about 20 minutes to choose what animal he'd like. He chose a sweet brown bear. We waited and waited and waited until Micah could finally stuff the bear.
He washed him.
He Loves "Patton Brown Bear Robinson" and takes him everywhere. He sleeps with him, brings him on car rides. Thinking it was a good $40 spent:) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hodge Podge

We have been blessed to have Stacy work near home recently. He has mostly been in the Macon area or Alabama for a couple of years now. And although we don't complain about work at all, it's been really really nice to be able to visit him at work. We went to the library to see Llama Llama (Micah loved him..... Patton, not so much) After story time, we headed to visit Stacy.

We've spent some time in the country recently. One day Daddy and I worked real hard on cleaning off the fence. Then I helped Mama in the garden. We found ALL kinds of things!
I was recently told "You have to pick your battles." I never thought a lot about the saying until it was actually said to me. It clicked. I worry a lot about Micah. I want him to be a perfect well behaved child. The problem is every child, no matter who it is has some issue or another. I have tried to begin "picking my battles." Some days it's easier than others. Meanwhile I also had some advice on positive reinforcement. We've tried this in the past. It worked for a little while with a sticker chart. Then it worked for a little while with the paper chain in his bedroom..... Well it's that time again. This time we're doing a "treasure box." If he has obeyed and had a good week, Friday is treasure box day. This is our third week doing this. I missed taking pics last week, but I got this  one of happy Micah choosing a Lego man the first week. 
Micah was Super excited to find this mother load of frogs at the pool the other day. 
And I was Super excited when my stock of Bath and Body Works for the year came in the mail.
Last week when we were at Mama's, Micah found a book. He asked if he could have it and Mama told him that he could. He chose it for his bedtime book. We read a chapter. Stacy was asleep in 5 minutes. Micah enjoyed my edited version and loved the fact that "it is a REAL book" because it said things like State Farm and :) Although Micah chose the book 2 nights in a row, we haven't got to hear any more of it since last week.....

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was cutting the grass a few weeks ago. Patton usually rides the tractor with me, but wanted to get off and play. Micah was playing in the yard so I figured P would be okay. They played in the sand box and wandered around the yard. I continued to cut. Patton decided to get back on to cut with me and I saw some blueish dye by his lip. I asked Micah what in the world it was. MIcah showed me and had me convinced that Patton had eaten some kind of strange berries off of a tree in our yard. I called Ms. Martha, texted her pictures and tried to decide if sweet P should go to the hospital. He acted ok, but I was scared. As the day went on Micah's story changed from "Patton ate a lot of berries." to "Patton put one berry in his mouth and spit it out." After talking to Mama and doing some research about wild cherry trees, I called poison control. The trees are indeed wild cherry trees. The berries look kind out like tiny blue berries (which Patton loves) What I learned was, although the berries themselves are not poisonious, the pits when ground up are. The only thing is, Patton would have had to ingest 100 grams or more for it to effect him. He was ok. Thank goodness! How scary.

Although he was fine, his tiny toes were dyed from the juices of the cherries for 3 days :o

Creative thing

Micah has become quite the creative thing recently. He is always into something, but has recently discovered duct tape. He loves it and thinks it can fix Anything and Everything..... He's a true redneck. If Micah has Markers, paper, a pair of scissors, and duct tape he is One Happy guy! He LOVES boxes and almost had a break down a couple of weeks ago when I put a ton of boxes in the recycle bin. He had plans for Every. Single. Box. From Poptart boxes, to diaper boxes..... Hospitals, Parking deck (garages) restaurants, you name it..... Micah wanted an entire village made out of boxes. Now, our house is only so big .... So this was not my idea of fun. I let him make and keep 4 boxes. The rest had to go. Micah made a Firehouse Subs to give to his friend at Firehouse. She Loved it. I laugh. 

Being that he is So into designing things I thought he would Love to go to tie dye day at Chick-fil-A. He was so happy to make his own shirt. Although it didn't turn out as cool as the ones you can buy in the store, he still loves his shirt. 

Although I am so far behind on birthday party planning (it's a lot for me having back to back parties) I have been trying to do a little here and there. Micah found some of my work in progress and decided to give himself a tattoo:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cow Appreciation

Not only am I SO happy to have Ms. Martha and Hannah here this summer to have endless pool fun with, but I'm glad that they got to enjoy Cow Appreciation Day with us. Along with Mama and Nut, we celebrated last Friday. Normally Ms. Martha and Hannah are away during the summer and have yet to celebrate such fun :) I mentioned it to Hannah and she got so Excited. I'd have to vote her costume the most creative that we saw. I could stop laughing. We had a great time eating and people watching. I Love Cow Appreciation Day!

Just a litte fruity

Ms. Martha mentioned that she would like to take some pictures of Patton eating watermelon in overalls. She provided the overalls. I provided a variety of fruit. The goal was to find a picture that we LOVE, print it in black and white and then color parts of the pic. Between Martha, Hannah, and me, we got over 200 pictures of sweet sweet Patton eating fruit. These are just some of my Favorites. 

I joked that we need to give him frit every time we need a picture. He knew that he was the center of attention and Loved every second of it! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choo Choo Brayden is TWO!

Saturday night we had the pleasure of celebrating Brayden. That boy Loves trains. Heather emailed me several months before the party asking me who I'd recommend for a train..... I came up with a couple of people, and I think she got a great one!

At the very beginning of the party, the train wasn't quite sure which route to take.... and it got stuck. Thankfully with some muscles, the train got back on course:)
I think that Micah enjoyed the train more than the birthday boy himself, and only got off of the train long enough to eat. There were a couple of times that he was the only one riding. I tried to get him off, but was told, "We have to pay for 2 hours even if no one is riding. Let him ride." He had a blast and even dreamed of trains:)

Heather did a wonderful job for Brayden's first birthday and I knew that this one would be great too, now that she's not working "full- time" she had everything planned perfectly. It was top notch, from the decorations, to the food..... We would have so much fun planning parties together.... Hmmmm (a thought for next year:) 

We were so excited to see Noah at the party and I tried my best to take some pictures of the friends.... It's not as easy as it sounds.
What a fun party! Although I've been working on both of my boys' parties for about 2 months now,  since that party, I have been trying to rush and get everything done. Back to back parties are definitely a handful! But hoping they're fun!