Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Party Time

Last Sunday we celebrated Christian and Ethan. We had a pool party complete with pizza and hotdogs. I was not feeling 100% I had a feeling I had the beginnings of Strep throat. We had a fun time anyway. Mama, still recovering spent the party in bed with her head at a 45 degree angle. She was beginning to get a little bit of her vision back, but was required to not do anything other than sit her her head on her shoulder for 50 minutes out of every hour. :( 
We were able to stay cool in the pool. It has been SO hot. The Rosburys Love Dr. Who, although I know Nothing about the show, I learned a little bit. The cake that the boys chose was a Tardis cake which is a time machine. 
 There was a little boy who had a little curl right in the back of his head :)

Sweet cousins!
And some more pics from the party.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slam Packed

Bible School was a couple of weeks ago, and it was a fun filled slam packed week. Micah loved every second of Boot Camp this year. Every once in a while I still hear him sing "Who's side are you leaning on? I'm leaning on the Lord's side." I'm pretty sure we swam every day of Bible school week. One day we had lunch with the Capes', One morning Ms. Martha, Hannah, and I planned to swim while Micah was at VBC, but the weather wasn't on our side. We hung out and played Sequence instead. We were able to swim in the afternoon, but had such a good morning. Man, I realized how much I miss playing games...... 
We finally were able to pick some blueberries from one of our bushes, but have yet to make a cobbler. 

One day while we were shopping at Target Micah asked to look at flip flops. That was a little interesting to me because I normally buy his flops from Old Navy, but we looked anyway. Micah found a pair of lime green Crocs and just had to have them. Since green IS his favorite color, I gave in. He wears those green Crocs ALL of the time and gets sad when I tell him that he has to wear something else.  
The same day as the Target trip we ended up meeting Sarah and Noah at Costco for a trip and lunch. Sarce ended up signing up for a Costco card. Because I referred her, they gave both of us $10 cash cards. That was nice, but what was even nicer was that the man even gave MIcah one. It was just an empty card, but MIcah had NO clue. He was sure it was a Debit card and told EVERYONE  about it. He said "If I see something that I want, and you won't buy it for me, I'll just use my cash card to buy it." If only it was that easy. Sweet innocent Micah. 

We finally made the trip to the library to sign up for summer reading. We have been a bit behind, but are working hard to catch up :) 

As a perfect ending to the week we went to The Flying Machine for lunch. The weather was Perfect! And Patton LOVED the airplanes! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day

We had a very different Father's day this year. Mama and Daddy ended up spending the night at the hospital with what Mama thought was a detached retina. The Dr. told her that it wasn't, but said that she should call her eye doctor first thing Monday morning. They had a gathering for lunch in the county. We stayed here and spent time with our little family. We took Stacy out to lunch and gave him an outfit complete with new flops, a sweet picture book, wallet, and some movie tickets. We had a nice relaxing morning and headed over to the Rent's for supper. Normally we do a cook out. This year, not only was Laura in Kosovo, but the Rosbury Clan was sick, Mama was blind in one eye.... It was very interesting to say the least. Ms. Martha and Hannah were able to join us for a swim and then we decided at 7:30 to go out to eat. Mama was pitiful, so we left her sleeping and headed out to Luigi's to eat. It was So good and although the holiday was way different, we still had a good time minus the worrying about other family members.

Just another summer day at the Rent's

So far we have spent almost every single day at the pool. We've had a few days off, but we've been enjoying the water as much as possible. Micah has always been a water boy and has recently learned to swim all the way to the bottom of the pool. Although he doen't like to do it it demand :o Patton could do with or without the water, but is happy to play anyway.
My poor boo boo baby fell off of a rock a couple of weeks ago, and wiped out :(
Picking blueberries is a great summer past time. 
What sweet boys.

Play Play Play

We have done a whole lot of playing this summer. We have had people come over to play and we have visited people to play.  One day Eli and Jonathan came to play, and boy oh boy did they have a good time. Five minutes after the play date was over, MIcah passed out. Doesn't he look so peaceful?

Patton's buddy Noah came over one day, and he just couldn't wait to show off his mad driving skills. 
Again, lots of playing took place. I am so glad for good friends. 
I finally moved Micah to a big boy seat. What a step! He's happy as can be. I can not believe how fast he's growing!
Patton, like Micah LOVES moonwalks. He talks about them all the time! He loves to turn the blowers off and on, jump in them, clean them, and he also enjoys helping with the handtruck. He and Micah will be such good moonwalk boys when they get older. Micah is already a little salesman :) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Uh oh

We've been reading Charlotte's Web. We finished it tonight. So sad. 
Last night in the middle of reading Micah interrupted me to ask me "How do pigs have babies?" *Deep sigh* Not sure how to answer this, but it basically included 2 pigs and God. 
Tonight's was a WHOLE lot tougher.... Sitting at supper "Mama, how did you get Patton out of your tummy?" AHHHH I am SO not ready for these!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Funny Micah

While singing  The Party Rock Anthem yesterday morning, Micah stopped and I heard him say to Patton "Patton, you better not go to a dance party. If you do, you'll loose your mom!" LOL

Today it was "That would feel good wouldn't it? Cutting the grass with no shirt on, wouldn't that feel good Mama?" I laughed and he said, "No really Mama." I'm still laughing..... Can you imagine?!?!

Nothing can compare to Firehouse and make me stop choosing it.

In the city people can't roast marshmallows because they don't have sticks for the fire. That's why we invited Hannah over. She like to roast marshmallows, but she lives in New York City. 

Not sure if I've already used these....
Micah's hair was getting long in the back and on the sides, but where he cut his own hair in the front, it was growing back really slow. I mentioned this to him and he said "Yeah, it's just like a worm race!" What in the world?!

After finding a picture of Snowflake our old cat who was put to sleep when he was 2, Micah said, "maybe I should take this picture to Ms. Mason (his teacher) So that when she gets to Heaven, she can find her:)