Monday, February 28, 2011

Heaven on a plate

Our Girl Scout Cookies are here! Ms. Martha called me and let me know this weekend and we had to figure out how we'd get together for me to get them. Ms. Martha has been living a VERY busy life recently, so she suggested that we have lunch. I was super excited, number one, I got to hang with her, number two, I got to eat lunch out, and number three, Micah got to stay at school late.... That made both of us happy. Micah always asks to stay late at school. He always wants to eat lunch there and has always wanted to take a nap there. Today he did both. He took a nap at school! That is major! I was SO happy to pick him up at 3 and find him happy and rested. Normally he is exhausted when I pick him up at 12! Naps do a body good!
While Micah was learning, eating, and sleeping, Ms. Martha and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for a Oh So Delicious Lunch. I LOVE that place! I totally enjoyed my lunch including dessert. Patton did great most of the time and even ate some bread. Girl Scout Cookies, Micah napped at school, Cheesecake Factory...Today was a great day! Thank you Ms. Martha!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gym Dawgs

I never thought that I would enjoy watching gymnastics as much as I do! Daddy has been buying season tickets for the Gym Dawgs for the past 2 years. I was able to go a couple of times last year, and this year not only did I get to go with my family, but I also got invited to go with my BFF Sarah. When I went with Sarah, her baby Noah came, and so did her sister Lauren (my soul sister) and her friend too.
I really enjoy going to the meets and am always in awe of what these girls can do. I have never been good at gymnastics. I can't even do a cartwheel. When I worked at the Fort, the teacher who I worked with tried real hard to teach me, I just couldn't do one. Although after a lot of practice I became decent at the rings. I have grown to Love gymnastics and would LOVE to enroll Micah.... I think he'd be real good. When I taught, I used to enjoy watching the kids flip around, but was always impressed with the boys when they'd do back handsprings, and flips..... I just love it, and I would love to have Micah be able to entertain me in that way (I just have to talk Stacy into it.... We'll see) Last night I got to go with Daddy, Nut, Daph, and Aiden. We had a great time it was "Pink Out," I liked the guys who were painted to say Save the tatas!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We have such a BIG family, it is so hard to keep up with everyone's birthdays. I can't tell you the majority of my family members birthdays..... I know the months, but that's about all. I do know Mama's, but didn't think anything about it until one of her long time friends emailed me and asked what we were planning on doing to celebrate Mama's 60th! SIXTY?! I had NO idea she was turing 60! Well, as soon as Daphne, Laura, and I read our emails, we began planning a surprise party. We invited all of her friends and family. We planned on having about 60-70 people. Nut, Daddy, and my little family headed to our favorite family shopping spot, Costco on Saturday morning. We bought a ton of food! We prepared and got everything ready JUST it time.
We normally celebrate adults birthdays at Sunday lunch, but we told Mama that maybe it would be easier to have her's on a Saturday night so that Daph's family could come, and we'd probably celebrate Aiden's day on Sunday. We told Mama that we'd have supper at Nut's house on Saturday night when she finished working.
She got there and we had everyone's cars parked away from the house so she had NO idea, but because she heard all of the children playing in the back yard, the crazy lady came in the back door instead of the front door!! SURPRISE!!
She was surprised and had a great time with her friends. I think everyone had a great time other than poor P. He cried most of the time :(
I'm thinking he may be sick AGAIN. Minus my sad baby that wanted to be held by ME the WHOLE time, I think it was a success! LOVE Mama!! She does't look 60 does she?!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is in the air?

This week was Perfect as far as weather is concerned. We spent a lot of time outside and got some things accomplished, but also just played. I am so excited that warm weather is on the way. I even got out some shorts and short sleeves for Micah today! Here is Patton enjoying the outdoors and tasting leaves.

I'll leave you with Micah being Micah with a bandaid on his head and food on his face.... With the quote of the day from Micah, "Upon my sharp listening ears, I heard the ice-cream van again."

Reason 253

I love Micah's school.... This is what he brought home this week!
This week was "T" week, so the class went to one of the teacher's house and picked turnips! I have never eaten a turnip, and didn't eat this one. Micah informed me that I was supposed to boil it like a potato and eat it. He said that he would not eat it, so neither did we. But wasn't that something unique to come home ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day. It may really just be a Halmark Holiday, but I think that it is fun. I love all of the bright colors, candy, and love that goes along with it. Although, I have been pretty sick I didn't even get poor Stacy a card. Micah got some books and a Veggie Tales coloring book. Patton got nothing. I got iplay! It's a way to plug my phone/ ipod into my car and hear the music through the speakers. So nice. We all spent the morning at Micah's class party. The very first thing the class did was to paint and decorate a box that said "I love you because." After it was decorated they were to choose a person that they love and fill the inside with reasons that they love that person. After Micah's box was finished I asked him who he loved and he said "me." Ummm okay. "Okay Micah, why do you love.... you?" He said, "because I like to play with Bryce and Ashlyn." He loves himself because he likes to play with his nextdoor neighbors? Hmmm I did end up getting out the reason that he loves Daddy (because he tickles him) and he loves me because I let him hold Patton. Aren't I a great mama?

After the box decorating the kids had chocolate chip pancakes. We were so excited that Mr. Boswell came and brought Brayden. Brayden is my friend Heather's baby, and Ms. Boswell (her mom) is Micah's teacher. Anyway, her husband surprised her and brought her grand baby. He is so cute. He and Patton played in the floor while the big kids ate. Brayden loved Patton's shoes that tied, and Patton loved Brayden's shoes. They were so cute together.
After lunch the kids got to go outside. It was a fun morning, followed by a beautiful afternoon at Paw-Paw's house. Stacy has been working on his bathroom, so we tagged along. We ended up staying for supper and picking up a milkshake from the Checker's drive thru on the way home.... Romantic huh? I forgot I did get Stacy something it was this pic of P!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Again?

I could hardly believe it when I woke up last week and saw snow..... Again! We had 2 inches here. Micah wanted SO bad to play outside, but it was a school day, so I said no. But, he did up playing for a few minutes because I just had to take some pictures of this beautifulness.
Every one who has ever shopped for a little boy, knows that the selection is nothing compared to the little girl's. Therefore I have a hard time not buying everything that I find that is cute. I was Most excited when I found these last year on clearance on Aren't they sweet little matching boys :)
This one is my favorite:) Ahhhhhh Quiet

Sunday Fun day

Superbowl Sunday was filled with fun and excitement. First we had our regular family lunch at the Rent's house. After lunch we made some things for the Superbowl party that evening. I tried my hand at cakepops. They didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped, and they didn't taste like I had hoped either. Maybe I'm just a little too picky, people ate them.....I did learn, it takes a lot of time (and I had two young boys) Maybe when they're bigger. This is how the little one spent his time.
You could have found the big one on the ipad I'm sure. After everything was prepared, we all headed to Daph's house. We had yummy food, great company, and a lot of fun..... We even celebrated Cary's Day complete with a chocolate chip cheese ball. Oh yeah, and Patton took another nap :)

We did it....

We fed Patton cereal. I have been so tired for the past 5 months. Although not every baby is perfect, Micah had sleeping through the night down by 4 weeks. (Although he didn't nap during the day) Patton naps during the day, but is still by far from having any kind of set schedule. He still wakes up about 1-2 times EVERY night! I just want my sleep, is that too much to ask of a 19.5 lb 5 month old (90%)? He is far from starving. I am sure that he can go more than 4 hours without food..... I'm just saying. Hoping that I could catch up on some much needed rest, we tried to feed Patton some cereal. I was very cautious with Micah. I waited until he was 6 months, then very very slowly introduced new foods. This time around, we'll just see what happens. Stacy is always the first one to feed the baby, and this is the order in which things happened.
He DID NOT like the cereal. I had to force feed him for a week, before I finally told his Dr. She suggested that I add some fruit. I bought some cereal with fruit mixed in, and I have a happer camper. Still not sleeping through the night. Actually the food didn't even make the slightest difference as far as sleeping is concerned, but maybe just maybe he'll take the hint soon.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Micah learned this week

Every single day Micah and I have the same conversation when I pick him up from school. "How was your day?" He says, "good." I ask, "well what did you do?" He replies, "look at my papers." Come on Micah, I know that I can do that, I would much rather you tell me every detail. What did you eat for snack? Did you get in trouble? Who did you play with? Tell me everything.... I get nothing. I finally am able to get small details with every single question I ask. I figure it's because he's a boy. I hear that you can't get a girl to stop talking about her day. Well this is what I got last week. I guess it was when it snowed. They didn't go out to play, they watched a safety video instead. It taught about the importance of 911 and when you should call it. I have yet to tell Micah about 911, I know he's heard about it, they taught him last year too, but I haven't said much, because, well, Micah is Micah :)
I talked to Micah about the video and asked him when you should call 911 and he said
if there is a fire (good job Micah)
if somebody hurts you (good job again)
if you are in a wreck (yep)
if your shoes are on fire (hmmmm)
if your car is rolling down a hill (what?)
and best of all..... if somebody kills you!
I love that boy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Brad Paisley

Stacy and I both LOVE Brad Paisley. He has been our favorite male country artist for a long time. He hasn't been to Altanta since 2007 and we missed him then. I was SO excited when I learned that Stacy bought tickets to the concert. We haven't been to a concert since BM, and this was Brad Paisley! There are a couple of interesting things that happened before our long awaited date night. First off, we've had the tickets since before Christmas.... Stacy and I both asked Mama to babysit. She forgot and scheduled clients anyway. She felt really bad, but we asked Nut to help out until Mama got off of work. She said she could, but ended up having to make an emergency trip to the chiropracter and that left Jerms in charge until she finished. Poor Poor Jerms. He was SO kind to fill in, but I still feel SO bad for him. I learned that Patton cried (SCREAMED) the Entire time until Laura got there. Poor P didn't know what to do. And neither did Jerms :( It's hard enough for me to handle a screaming baby that I held in my stomach for 9 months, and then spend Everyday with, but Jerms...... Poor Poor Jerms. That is only part of the fun for the night. We had planned to leave at 5. 5:00 turned into 5:30 due to Stacy working late. We planned to eat near the Arena and thought we'd try a place called Arena Tavern. We got there at 6, called, and they had an hour wait! Time was slipping away and the concert began at 7:30. We ended up at Red Lobster. It was okay. I don't eat seafood, so I had chicken, Stacy had "oceany" salmon. (He is very sick as I write:() We rushed through our meal, hardly enjoyed it, and made it to the Arena and to our seats literally 5 minutes before the concert began. Jerrod Niemann opened. He was great (way better than I thought he's be) Darius Rucker was next, previously from Hootie and the Blowfish, he now sings country, but sang a lot of old Hootie stuff...... LOVED him! Then came Brad. He was Awesome. Our seats were great, section 106, the music was top notch, and well, Stacy and I spent some time alone (well without our children) Brad sang all of our favorite songs, changed guitars at least 6 times, he put on a great show! Overall it was a great date!