Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rocking Horses, Playgrounds, and a Cold

Today Sikes Rocking Horse Ranch (a daycare center) rented our cotton candy machine. Micah slept late (he has a cold) and as soon as he woke up, I fed him, dressed him, and we were out the door. We have had a week full of nothing! So, for him to get to go somewhere in the car was a treat! I told him that we were taking the cotton candy machine to Sikes Rocking Horse Ranch, and he got Very Excited! He started saying "rock rock rock" Then I had to explain to him that it wouldn't be anything like he was expecting, there would be no rocking. I told him that he would wait patiently for 5 minutes while I took in the machine and got a check. He had a great attitude about it and did great while I made my delivery. So great, that when we left I asked him if he'd like to go to the park. This too, excited him. It was nice this morning, not too hot, and a bit overcast. We enjoyed a trip to a little bitty park in the town of Carl. For about 20 minutes Micah ran, climbed, and played ball. He had a blast, but I could tell the little man was slap worn out. So home we came.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Time for work and time for play

Micah has been asking to ride the tractor for several days and the grass needed to be cut. I knew that I wouldn't be able to put him off much longer, so first thing this morning Micah and I cut the grass. It takes us between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours on our tractor. (Not including weed eating and edging) (Those are Stacy's jobs) Therefore as soon as the grass was cut, Micah was ready for a nap. Stacy worked real hard this weekend sanding on the inside of our house, he spackled some holes that he knocked in with a hammer where our lazy builder left big knots. So on Sunday for several hours Micah and I were outside while spackle was flying all inside. (I know it is going to take months to clean) In the long run I know that it will be much better. I mean, who knows how long we'll be in this house. When we bought 4 years ago, our plan was to stay in this house for 5 years. And now with the economy the way that it is, we may retire here and even die here! Let's just hope not!! Well, all this was done in preparation for paint. This is what I did today. After I was done cutting the grass and Micah was fast asleep in his little bed, I began to paint our bedroom. The color is a brownish gray color, it looks really nice (with only one wall painted so far) All I had time to do was one wall. Then I heard Micah beginning to wake up. And just as I was cleaning up my paint materials I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was my neighbor (maybe with fruit) But it was even better! My bestest friend in t he Whole Wide World Sarah stopped by for a visit. It was short, but sweet! I love her dearly and she made my day! Today was filled with lots of work and a little fun too.... Oh yeah tonight we had Scoops! Yea!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Surprise Susan's 40!!

Last night we attended a surprise party for our dear friend Susan Little. She and her husband Randy have been good friends to Stacy and I for years. Although we didn't get to stay at the party for very long, (it was Micah's bed time) we were glad that we were able to go. Susan was surprised (even though there were at least 10 cars parked up and down the street by her house) We had fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3 Minutes

That's the longest Micah can be alone without getting into something. He is very rarely ever by himself for this long....but when he is, he normally gets into something. Now this time wasn't anything like the computer chair/ bead accident, and he didn't "fix" my kitchen table this time, but it was still an event that needed to be shared. Today I left him in the kitchen for NO MORE than 3 minutes. He was happily eating a snack, and I needed to potty. So I told him that I'd be right back.... when I returned this is what I found
This is Micah with a guilty look on his face. He emptied ALL of the salt out of the salt shaker onto the kitchen table.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend was filled with lots of fun. Saturday was a very busy day for Party Jumps. We had 3 events at Stone Mountain and 1 at The International Horse Park. While Stacy and I worked hard, Micah enjoyed a fun filled day with Mam-ma. On Sunday morning Stacy's parent's came over to celebrate Father's day and then Micah and I took Stacy to Bugaboo Creek for lunch. Micah gave Stacy some candy, some saw horses, and an Apple Photo Book for Father's Day. Stacy LOVED the book and said it was the "BEST Father's Day Present Ever" and that it would be hard for Micah to beat it (as far as gifts go) Uh Oh! Micah isn't even 2 yet!! Later in the day we went to the rent's house to celebrate Father's day along with Christian and Ethan's Birthdays. I gave Daddy some Crocs and some of those push lights that are battery operated. We gave both of the boys clothes for their birthdays. I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pics of the weekend

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fruit Fruit and more Fruit

I have to give a shout out to the BEST next door neighbor in the world.....CASSIO!! He is the produce manager at Ingles and supplies our family with extra food often. Once a week he brings us bread.... I'm not talking just loaf bread either. Yes, there is always loaf bread, but he brings, hamburger and hot dog buns and rolls of all kinds. If you EVER see me buying bread at the store, that means either Cassio is out of town or sick. Now yes the bread is good and helps out a lot, but on Monday he brought Fresh Fruit! I LOVE FRUIT! (and so does Micah) I think I could go on a fruit diet, but it's just so expensive. Anyway, Micah and I have been eating yummy breakfasts this week.... I'm talking cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, honeydew.... you name it. Thank you to Cassio!! But speaking of fruit, I planted watermelons again this year. I took last year off due to Micah being so small. This year he helps me water them and I'm sure when they're ripe in 2+ months, he'll enjoy eating them with me as well. I also began my strawberry patch this year. I planted some of my Grandmother's strawberries.... but they are not happy at all. Maybe I'll ask Micah to help me water them :) On to our blueberries.... Micah has been anxiously awaiting for the berries to be blue.... and this morning we found 10!!! He was so happy and gobbled them up! We found 7 pears on our pear tree, 3 plums on our plum tree and NO apples on out apple tree. My favorite fruit of all times HAS to be WATERMELON! What is yours?

New Blog....

I decided to change my blog spot because......
1. I don't really have a whole lot of readers, so they'll follow me where ever I go.
2. I needed to do this before I had so many readers that it would stress them out for me to change my address.
3. I like the choices this place has to offer.
4. Better layouts, bigger pictures.
5. Spell check (I'm an AWFUL speller)
6. I just like this place better.
Stay tuned for more Robinson Family Fun