Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of week update

This week we actually got several things accomplished. Besides wrecking the vehicles, and going to the dentist, we went to the country. I SO enjoy spending time in the country. We spent most of the day outside, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and got some work done. Of course I took some pics of our day.
By the time supper time came around, Micah was dirtier than I think I've ever seen him. We all showered, ate, and began our trek home.
The following day we did a good bit of yard work at our own humble abode. Thursday morning we all headed over to the Rent's to check out Party Jumps new equipment. Friday was family swim.... The first one of the season. It is always SO nice when Daddy opens the pool. We had a nice afternoon and brought Hannah home with us. We've had a wonderful week so far, and are looking forward to a fun Memorial Day :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


If you've already read my last post, you know that Micah went to the dentist this week. I thought we had taken pretty good care of his teeth, but was still Very nervous. I was SO scared that he'd have a cavity, or more than one. Micah did very good for his x-rays.

Note, I dislike going to the dentist with a passion. I LOVE the feeling of having clean teeth, but ever since I was Micah's age, it's been one of the worst experiences for me. I have a VERY bad gag reflex and Always have a hard time. I have to remind myself to breathe through my nose, if I don't I gag and have been known to vomit right then and there. Through the years I have learned that the gag reflex is worse in the morning, so I never have morning appts. But enough of my issues.... Micah did great! Here's Micah before Thinking he had clean teeth.
Micah sat fairly still and the hygienist was finished within 10 minutes. I only wish it were that quick with me :) I got more nervous when I heard the dentist speaking with the boy next door who was Micah's age. He was talking about crowns, and being sedated. I was sure this man was going to try to take us for everything we had.
Overall we had a very pleasant experience. Micah had spotless teeth.... NO CAVITIES! I was So happy. I never had my first cavity until college, hopefully Micah can either follow in my footsteps or do better :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have always heard that things happen in threes. I don't know that I ever believed it.... but maybe now I do. The first of our threes began about 3 weeks ago. One of the things that we planned to do with our tax refund was have some work done to our vehicles. Stacy's truck needed a repair and we were going to go ahead and get a tune up on it also. When we dropped it off at the shop we quickly realized that instead of a $200 repair, it needed $700 instead! Thank goodness for our refund, but we were planning to not only get Stacy's truck fixed,but have some paint fixed on the Explorer, and get the keyless entry fixed on the van.....$700 on one vehicle and that didn't even include the tune up. The others have yet to have their work done. The next to the last day of school we donated a moonwalk to Micah's school. The children always love that, and it's the least I can do. I LOVE THE SCHOOL. Anyway, while Micah was at school, Stacy and I made a Costco run. We checked out and Stacy was loading the things in the Explorer when the back window wouldn't stay opened. The hinges were very loose.... It's easier to just open the trunk, but Stacy opened the window. He got irritated when the window wouldn't stay open and he pushed it up..... Probably too hard if you ask me because it shattered into a million pieces all over the place. I cried. I was sure that wasn't going to be a cheap fix. I was very embarrassed and knew that I wasn't going to show up at Micah's school with a non existant back window. So thankfully we had time to come home and change vehicles. Also thankfully Stacy was able to find a replacement window at a junkyard for only 75. When Stacy fixed the window, I couldn't help but laugh and tell Stacy that it wasn't over yet. I told him that I had always heard that things happen in threes. He told me to not say that and to be positive. I tried. On Monday Micah had a dentist appt. (Blog to follow) Stacy had pressure washed the house and moved all of the vehicles out of their normal homes so they wouldn't be in the way. We were running late to the appt and had to move the Explorer. I made sure that it was on the far side of the driveway so that it wouldn't be in Stacy's way. He backed the van out of the garage and missed the Explorer..... but he hit his truck! It was, and is still not a pretty sight. I am not a girl who asks for a lot. I just wanted one of our 3 vehicles to be pretty :( Maybe one day... (Another new blog below)

Seven Years and Counting

Seven Years ago Sunday, Stacy and I walked down the aisle as husband and wife. We were able to go on a date night. It was wonderful. Stacy and I don't go on nearly enough dates. I love my children, but all I wanted for our anniversary other than to have my keyless entry repaired, was to go out to eat without having to say "shhh," or "sit down", and not have to be feeding a baby, while trying to feed myself. We did get to go out to dinner. It was by far not my top choice, but with our time limitations we had to settle for Macaroni Grill. We really enjoyed ourselves, and enjoyed being able to carry on a conversation without being interupted. Dinner wasn't that great and I was quickly reminded why it's not one of our favs, but there was NO wait at all, so that's where we ended up.... Now I know why there was no wait :o
After dinner we headed over to the mall. We had tickets to see Bridesmaids. Oh my goodness that was a funny movie! I could have done without the language, but I laughed hard throughout the whole movie. I would SO see it again, but seeing that we're on a once a year movie schedule, I'm glad we saw that one!
We headed home after the movie. Mama graciously watched the boys. Both boys were thankfully asleep :)
I didn't get my keyless entry repaired.... I'll blog about that soon. I did get some beautiful roses that after 3 days are wilting :( But I got Stacy a Basketball goal. He had mentioned on several occasions that he'd like to have one. When we had a gym membership at Fitness International, we played a lot.... Now our gym doesn't have goals (Not that I ever get to go anyway) Stacy was most excited... I told him that this was his Anniversary/ Father's Day present in one. He was happy.
We got it all put together. He and Micah played.
Then Micah put on a helmet..... so he "wouldn't get hurt in the ball hit him in the head." Silly boy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the Year

Another school year has come and gone. Micah had a Blast this year at school and learned SO much. He knows all of his letters, can write them, and can read some words. We plan to learn to read real books this summer. Micah LOVES to hear books and is SO sad to not be able to have someone read to him all night long. He will be so much more easily entertained when he can read books by himself :) Numbers are his thing though. He's quite the counter and can count real high. I heard that part of the Kindergarten AKS is to count to 30, Micah is counting past 100 with ease. He loves to know what time it is and loves phone numbers too. He can do basic addition and subtraction. Hoping he's got some math skills, because I sure don't have any.
Micah's class had their end of the year picnic yesterday. It was a perfect day for a picnic. Micah enjoyed playing with his friends and I enjoyed chatting with other moms and watching the sweet children play. Micah doesn't quite understand summer vacation, no matter how many times I try to explain.... We'll see how summer goes.
Here's cool dude Micah in his visor and shades.
Patton visited with sweet Mrs. Scott.
Micah enjoyed his picnic with his friends.
He played ball with his guy friends.
He swung with his little girl friend. (Isn't she the cutest?)
We all got a picture of "The Triplets." Out of 12 children in Micah's class, these 3 all share the same birthday! How crazy is that?!
I got a pic of Micah and his buddy Nicco. And lastly Nicco and Maggie.
After lots of thought and consideration, (because it' never ending) We decided to keep Micah at the same school for one more year. They offer a half day 5K. I think it will be the best thing for him. He would Love to go to "big school," but because he is a boy with an August birthday, I think this will be best. Several of the children who have been in his class the past two years will be moving up with him too. We're looking forward to one more year there (unless I can talk them into extend and teach him until 12th grade :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Typical Afternoon

Most days I take Micah to school and pick him up. What I do while he's at school depends on the day of the week. After I pick him up, we come home, eat lunch, and take a nap. Micah still NEEDS a nap. He doesn't like taking naps at all and would rather stay busy all day long so that he misses nap time, but then everyone tends to be miserable. A tired Micah is not a fun thing :) As soon as Micah wakes up, the very first thing he wants to do is go outside. He has Always Loved being outside. He is getting to the age where he can keep himself occupied for a while by himself. He loves to ride his bike, or his scooter, play ball, swing, (he just learned how to pump himself recently) and the sandbox is also a favorite. So until it gets too hot, every afternoon we're outside.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was a good one. We began our mother's day at church. Kevin talked about moms and it was Really good. Patton had a rough time though.... 2 weeks in a row, maybe 3? He's teething. If I could get a good pic, I would. He has one tooth and 2 on the way. He has his top right fang and the bottom middle ones are both poking through. The poor guy is just in and out of pain. I think that it is so interesting how my boys are so alike, both SO different. Micah didn't get his first tooth until he was 13- 14 months old. The boy ate his birthday cake toothless :) He NEVER complained about pain of getting teeth, he just got them. Poor P is having a rough time. Nights are the worst but we can deal with it, we've been though worse :) Anyway, after yet another emotional Patton pick up we headed home to change. We celebrated Mother's Day at Nut and Jerms' house. We had Jerms' famous spaghetti. After lunch Mama and some of the kids played a game in the yard.... Looks fun huh?
We took some pics, visited, and had a good day.
After we left we went and looked at houses in a neighborhood where we had a moonwalk the day before. The neighborhood was so nice. The people were so nice. The people spoke highly of the schools (which is a big concern) There were only a couple of empty houses, but we couldn't get into them without a realtor..... So to dinner we went. Stacy could not decide where to take me. He thought we'd go to Long Horns. He drove to the mall, it was 5:00 and already Packed. I knew it would be... Then he drove to Outback, even more packed..... We ended up at Sho Gun. Our cook was really funny and put on a good show, the food was really good. We stuffed ourselves and finally went home. It was a long day, but it was nice to spend some much needed family time together :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's a Small World

It's that time of the year for the end of year school programs. Micah's was last night, and boy was it different from last years. Micah has grown up SO much during this school year. I'm with the boy every day so I don't notice it as much, but when I look back at old videos, or pictures....I see that my little boy is growing up SO fast. It makes me both happy and sad at the same time. I am always excited to see him learn new things and become more independent, but I just think that next year at this time I'll be registering him for elementary school! I have moxed feelings about that..... We'll see what will happen in the next year, but for now I'm enjoying my sweet little 4 year old and his ever growing couriousity.
The theme of the program this year was It's a Small World. Micah LOVED the music this year and we've been hearing songs like Diez Amigos, and Do you know the Continents for several weeks now. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that Micah would be playing the part of George Washington. Micah is far from nervous, and did great in front of everyone. He sang the the songs that he wanted to sing because he, "wasn't supposed to sing them all." Hmmm, everyone else did. Oh well. He was as cute as could be in his costume. Everyone did an amazing job and only 1 girl out of the whole group wouldn't say her part.... Not bad if you ask me! If I haven't already said it a million times, I LOVE Micah's school. I registered him for the 5K for next year, so he has one year left..... Unless I can talk them into extending school until the 12th grade :)
Sorry there are no pics of Daddy. He came, but left before the pics began. Last night was filled with fun and excitement. We began celebrating Cinco de Mayo at El Jinete, then Micah's program, and then a delicious dessert at Scoops with Nut and Jerms. It was a perfect ending to a perfect night!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Micah has learned ALOT this year at shchool and I'll talk about that later, but this year he has LOVED being able to write his letters and numbers and recognize them. He sees words everywhere and ALWAYS wants to know what the words say. There are some words that he knows and can read, he is a spelling expert. But in the past few weeks, numbers have been his thing. The other day he was SO excited to see that we got a new phone book. So excited that he asked if he could read it in the van on the way to school. The trip to school is about 20 minutes and during the ride I was given the numbers for (because he recognizes these) The Home Depot, Comcast, and Robertson Sanitation. I was also given the numbers to the tow truck, a plumber, the number for "if you have a cold and need to go to the doctor," and "how long it takes your flowers to grow." It's so much fun watching him learn, he never ceases to amaze me. I love that boy.