Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My growing baby

I'm trying to play a little catch up, so check out all the posts below. First off, I thought it was a bid deal having to clean up after Micah after every meal. I totally forgot how long it takes to clean up after a baby. I am SO glad that he can feed himself, but I miss the days of having a decently clean kitchen after meals. I have recently decided that I would be more than happy to "tip" someone $5 to clean up my kitchen for me 3 times a day.
Here is my sweet baby after his nap. (Notice his hair in both pics)
Stacy has been telling me for months that P needed to get his hair cut. I tried to hold him off for a little bit by trimming the back myself. It didn't work long at all. We're planning on having some new family pictures taken, but Stacy said Patton had to get a hair cut first. I did it. I took my sweet baby to have his sweet baby locks chopped off :-(
He was okay with it. He looks so much older to me though..... Maybe the curls will come back. Only time will tell.

He did it!

After 2+ weeks of working on his chart, Micah completed it. This is the second one. For the first chart he had a movie night, complete with popcorn and twislers. This time not only did he have to fill in Chores, Obey and Respect, but we added no whinning. No winning gets filled a lot better on days that he takes a nap :-) This time he chose to have a "Hess Truck Party." Playing with the Hess trucks is a treat in it's own, but he wanted to play with them all at the same time. He loved every second of it. Hoping the new chart gets filled in quickly!

My new wall

I have had this idea in my head for months and finally did it. I love it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

All in a week

I'm sure when I slow down I can think a little more clear and update better, but I just needed to stop for a minute and say that all in a week Patton has grown up SO much. He's still not walking, but can stand still for a while and he cruises all over the place. He got his first haircut today :-( I'll post pics later. Patton understands nearly everything we say. On Saturday after our yard sale we were in the garage. It was and is, far from spotless. Things are everywhere. Stacy saw a football and told Patton to get it. He did. In a garage full of mess and clutter, my Baby crawled and got his Daddy the football. So sweet. He dances up a storm. The boy LOVES music. He just learned to "click" with his mouth, and is trying REALLY hard to snap his fingers. When asked what a lion says, Patton can roar. I'm not sure how in the world he learned this, but apparently all animals roar..... pigs, cows, and even the deer on the wall at the Algard's house :-) The reason for this hurried post was because although he was supposed to be taking a nap, we were playing in hs room. And though he LOVES all electronics, my iphone is his favorite. My BABY just picked up my phone and instead of putting it in his mouth like yesterday, he put it to his face and said "hello" :-( I know I should be happy and I am, but he's my BABY and he's growing up so fast!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Vacation, the rest

After spending the afternoon shopping, we headed home for some down time. Mama talked to a worker at one of the shops who seemed to be very concerned about the weather. That scared Mama and they decided that we should go home and stay home. (We had plans to go out to dinner) Stacy decided that we'd take a chance and go out anyway. We went to West Beach Grill. It was recommended by the ladies at the pie place. Micah did not want to go at all, but our little family went anyway. Micah ended up Loving the place and gobbled his shrimp all up. Patton, also became a seafood lover on this trip. Now that he is one and can eat it..... I do not eat anything that has ever lived in the water. Don't like the smell, texture..... anything, but I understand that it's supposedly good for you, so by all means boys, eat that fish :-)
After dinner we headed home. We watched some football while Nut and her friend worked on a puzzle, then we crashed.
Apparently Ms. Martha had a difficult time sleeping during the night and watched some tv. She saw 3 tornado warnings in our area. It was BAD, and we slept right through it. I'm convinced though, if it's my time to go, I'm going. I'm ready! :-)
Sunday morning we woke up early, and got to enjoy some time on the beach.
Patton, who Loves water, wasn't a big fan of the ocean. Maybe it's because he had a cold, but he did like the beach. He played with sand, ate sand, and even tasted some jelly fish.
I thought it would be really fun to bury Micah. We dug a nice big hole. He DID NOT like it. Apparently he got really scared.... He cried, we took him out as fast as we could. I did get a quick pic.
After some playing at the beach and in the pool we decided to head to Lulu's for lunch. It was highly recommended by Daphne. Lulu (Lucy) is Jimmy Buffet's sister. Who would pass up the chance to go to her place? Not me! I ordered a cheeseburger in paradise and enjoyed it. They have a really cool set up, do check out their website.... I just had to get some pics after lunch.
After Lulu's we headed back for some more beach fun. It ended up being our last due to the weather. After we played, we headed out to a couple more shops before dinner. Nut had wanted to go to Lambert's, so that's where we went. Ms. Martha and Mama got there and graciously waited for an hour and a half for a table. We (Stacy) left Patton't paci at the house, so while they waited we ran home to make sure that we could have a happy baby on the ride home. We didn't eat until close to 8:00, but it was a fun atmosphere. Micah was So proud of his roll :-)
Although it was really really short, it was a wonderful vacation. We all had a great time and Micah keeps saying "I will never forget the ocean." We loved out trip and are more than thankful that we got to go!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation..... The beginning

We headed to Gulf Shores last Friday for a long Labor Day weekend. I haven't had any sort of vacation in 2 years, so this was more than a treat for me. Stacy had to work, so the boys and I rode with the rent's and Stacy met us there. Ms. Martha, Hannah, Nut and her friend came too. We arrived at supper time. After a real fast trip to the beach we unloaded our bags as fast as we could, then the rain hit!
Some people were tired of being in the car all day, but some people wanted to go out to eat. I was one of the ones to go out to eat. We had Shrimp Basket. Since none of us had ever been to Gulf Shores before, I asked people where we should go before leaving. Shrimp Basket made it on the list and was very close to our house. It was pretty good. I thought it was a little bit strange that there was No wait at all for a Friday night, but due to Tropical Storm Lee, I think a lot of people cancelled their vacations. By the time we left though, there was a nice wait. By the time we got back to the house, it was time to get little people in bed. It was late, WINDY and everyone was tired. We had a little time for "technology" while each taking turns going outside feeling the wind :-)
"Hurricane Hannah"
There was no way in the world that I could stay awake to see Nut and her friend arrive. I had to sleep to enjoy the next day.
The first thing Saturday morning it was not raining. We ran out to enjoy the beach for a few minutes before getting chased back inside.
We found a crab and Laura made a crab sandwich. As we waited on the rain to stop/ slow down, we enjoyed some more "technology" this time including The Weather Channel looking for approaching tornados.
Even Patton joined in this time :-)
The rain tapered off and we were able to go out and enjoy the beach. It was nice because it was not crowded at all. The waves were HUGE. The tv said they were 10 feet! Although it was not safe to go in very far at all. They people who did get in had a blast!

After we spent time at the beach we headed to the pool. It was a little pool, but it was nice for those of us that like the look of the ocean, but do not like to swim in it.
We swam until lunch time. After lunch, we all showered and headed to see what kind of things we could do. The rent's along with Nut and Jana went to the Welcome center, while we headed to Sweetie Pies with Ms. Martha and Hannah. Stacy and Hannah both ordered a slice of chocolate cream pie.... take a look at that!!
While Ms. Martha and Micah got cookies!!! (I got a chocolate chocolate cupcake) Yummy!
After our mid day snack we headed to the book store. It's a good thing we chose a store that everyone loved because we got caught in yet another down pour. We had a great time. Purchased a lot, but played a lot too :-)
We then loaded up and headed to a souvenir shop. Yet another fun time had by all!! We found a pirate, need I say more....