Monday, January 5, 2009

My 20.9 in 2009

So I got the best idea from Christy at she had the best idea for making goals. I am a not big resolution maker/ keeper. I laughed during the past week when a very large number of people joined our gym....for their New Years Resolution. I mean those people will show up for a month (maybe) and then disappear until next year. I want to loose weight as much (if not more than) everyone else, but it actually requires effort....not just a gym membership. So instead of having a resolution this year, I followed Christy and I am working on my 20.9 GOAL list.

1. Be a better couponer (I'm trying real head)
2. Call a friend (I hardly ever call anyone other than family..this might be hard)
3. Support Stacy in everything he chooses to do
4. Teach Micah
5. Garden
6. TRY to catch up on scrapbooking
7. Read a new book (it's been about a year)
8. Find a good and affordable babysitter
9. Go on a date at least once a month (with Stacy :)
10. Be a good and loving wife
11. Declutter
12. Market for our ever growing Party Jumps
13. Potty train Micah
14. Pay off a credit card
15. Learn to eat at home more
16. Do something useful during Micah's nap
17. Have game nights more often
18. Work out no matter how tired I feel
19. Become a great drummer (Guitar Hero World Tour)
20. Be the best Mama that I can be

(20.9) Take the time to smell the roses
Think about your own 20.9 and make your own list! I'd love to see it!


Alison said...

What a great list!! And if you need tutoring sessions...I kick butt on GH drums! :o)

lindsay said...

I had NO idea you guys had a "jumpy jump" business! We are avid users:) I'll keep you in mind next time:)

Andrea Sims said...

I got caught up with your blogs. Good list. Good luck.