Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Family News (Well worth the wait)

Before you get all excited, I should share that I am NOT with child. I actually have gone to the doctor recently to find out what's wrong with me, and why I can't loose weight...because I am NOT pregnant :) Like I've said before...I think that Micah deserves a sibling. I think that he loves being around other children and I think that being a big brother would help him grow a little. But I just don't see us having another baby right now. The economy is so questionable, and Stacy's job isn't always stable. When we bought this house, we knew that it was a starter home. It was perfect for Stacy and me, but with just one addition (Micah), it has majorly shrunk. If we could afford to make an addition to our house, maybe we could fit another child, but again, I don't see that happening any time soon. So in the meantime... We're doing little things here and there to improve the value of our house. This time our fun family news is that we have a brand new kitchen floor. When we bought our house Stacy and and I pulled up all of the carpet other than in Micah's room and the playroom. We then installed our own hardwood. I am allergic to dust mites, so anything to cut down on them helps (they LOVE carpet) I had heard awful stories about people who had wood in their kitchens and things broke (like a dishwasher) therefore their wood floor was ruined. Our laundry room is off our kitchen, therefore we'd have to worry about something malfunctioning in our washing machine. So we kept our vinyl floor. Well we got Very lucky recently because one of the companys that Stacy does work for also does flooring and had JUST enough tile left over to do our kitchen. So for the Low Low price of $1o0 we got enough tile, mortar, and grout for our kitchen. The problem was we had to remove our vinyl first. That was day 1. Day 2 we prepped, cleaned and began cutting the tile. Day 3 Stacy tiled half of the kitchen. You have to stay off of the tile for 24 hours while it dries, then another 24 after it's been grouted....therefore we lost our house for several days (thank you to the Rent's for letting us live with you...Micah can't wait to sleep in Aunt La La's bed again) Anyway...long story short....this was supposed to be a long weekend/ Stacy had no work -job, but it's turned into Stacy's spare time will be finished by this weekend at the latest (the only part that's not finished is the laundry room...hopefully to be completed today) I am so happy with our new floor.
Now, back to the news from the doctor. My thyroid isn't functioning as well as it should and is storing fat rather than breaking it down, and my body isn't breaking down sugars very well. Therefore I have been put on something to help my body break down sugar, and something to speed up my thyroid so that I can burn fat. He says that I won't see quick results, but over time I should see weight loss...We'll see. Not even a point of a pound so far! Now I know that I have Never been skinny, but come on, I'm sure this all has something to do with holding a baby boy in my belly for 9 months! I still love you Micah!!


Matt and Kim said...

I love doing home improvement projects ourself (especially with discounts like that!) It looks great!

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

The floor looks great... I didn't know you were staying at the rent's house... When was this and where was I? I am so glad Micah enjoyed my room and my bed. It is a comfy little bed!

If you feel up to it maybe we can hang out Wednesday or Friday since I'll be off of school.

The Marlatts said...

What a pretty improvement! And it's all the better since it was TOTALLY affordable. Another thing: I am with you on the hardwoods in the kitchen. We aren't doing that again until I gain dexterity...which is never.

Kelly Ford said...

The floor looks incredible! And i know how much of a relief it is sometimes to just know whats wrong and have answers. We'll be praying the medicine works how it should and that the economy picks up, too! We love you guys!!!