Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rough Week

Last week was a very rough week around the Robinson home. We really hope that next week will be much better. As far as I remember Monday was a fine day. Tuesday was filled with fun excitement, Advil, and Poison Control. One of Micah's favorite things to do is play in cars. I have NO idea what his deal is, but I have to lock all car doors when cars are not in use. It's scary. Well, Tuesday afternoon we were all in the garage (Stacy was moving tools from his truck to the Explorer.... Micah and I were watching and keeping him company.) The doors were opened so Micah climbed in the Explorer and was messing with things. He was in there for just a couple of minutes and I asked him what he was doing. Long story short, he had found a bottle of Advil, opened it, ate some, but thought it was "yucky" and spit it out. I FREAKED out! First I called Daphne, mother of six, then I called Poison Control. I was told that he would be okay, that they would be worried if he had digested 4 or more. After I found this out, and had time to take a breath, I found 3 partially eaten, the spit out Advil in the car. So, he didn't even finish a whole pill, but it was still one of the scariest Micah Moments so far.
Wednesday Morning began awful. I lent our Guitar Hero World Tour to Laura for Wonderful Wednesday at her school. I had everything packed up and ready for her to pick up at 7:30 that morning. She wasn't even gone from the house for 10 minutes, when I realized that I had forgot to pack the microphone. I hadn't even gotten dressed yet. I grabbed the mic, and the Micah and we headed to her school to give it to her. I got there and apologized and told her that everything else should be there, then I realized that I hadn't even given her the guitars!! Wonderful Wednesday was going to begin in less than 30 minutes, being that there is a detour between my home and her school, there was No way that I'd make it in time. Daphne to the rescue again :) I ran across the street to Daphne's house and borrowed her guitars and made it back in time. But I felt awful! The rest of the day was filled with busy errands and rain.
Thursday morning Stacy called me with some very sad news. Guiding Light is being canceled. It's the longest running TV drama and it's being cancelled! I have been a watcher since I was in middle school. Stacy even watches on occasion. I love the Spauldings and the Lewis'. I love Reva and Josh together and I don't know what I'll do at 3:00 in October. I could go on and on about how sad I am, but I know this will be a long post already so I'll share something funny. Several months ago Micah woke up from his nap and heard Guiding Light coming on (The Theme Song) He was so upset in his room saying "I want to watch Guiding Light." Not that I think that it's a great idea for a 2 year old to watch soaps, but he has been awake for it a handful of times and seems to enjoy it :)
Friday was a good day for all of us, minus Micah skipping his nap. Stacy came home and we rode with him to pick up his paycheck, we took Micah to have his bunny pictures made and he chose to go to The Flying Machine for dinner. I have NO idea where in the world the idea came from, but it was SO hard to turn him down, he was set on it, and plus the food is SO yummy.
Saturday was so busy. Micah and Stacy went to The Home Depot workshop and made a cool birdhouse while I went to load a moonwalk. Stacy met me after the workshop and helped me set up the moonwalk and we hung with the Rosburys until lunchtime. We had lunch and then Stacy went to meet a guy who was buying the camper shell that he had on the back of his truck. I was so excited! I have big plans for the truck. I want one of those rolling covers and have found the one I want on Craigslist. I've thought about getting a spray in bed liner. It will be nice. When we bought the camper 3 years ago we gave $500, and we sold it for $400, that's enough for the cover and almost a liner. Stacy was so excited to have the shell off of his truck that he wanted to take it to the carwash (despite the pollen) So he and Micah went. I got a call about 6:45 and he told me that he had just hit a woman. He was involved in an accident. He was a mile from home and was crossing 316. A woman was driving on 316 and his mirror was in the way, he didn't see her, hit her driver side passenger door and spun her car around (thank goodness it was a Crown Vic!) Both the lady and Stacy and Micah were okay. The lady's car was not so great, the whole back door was messed up bad, and the back wheel was hardly on. The whole front driver's side of our truck is bad. All of the lights are gone and the bumper is beat up bad, and the grill will have to be replaced. There are so many things that are good though. The lady was 66 and said that she saw Stacy coming towards her, she knew she was going to be hit, so she said "God protect us all." And he did. Everyone was safe. Thank goodness the truck is not paid off, we still have full coverage. We will have to pay our $500 copay (camper shell money) but both vehicles should be fixed. So even though I had big plans for the truck, they'll have to wait. At least I have a husband and a son!!! Maybe this week will be better :)

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Andrea Sims said...

Sorry about your rough week, but yes, we do have a lot to be thankful for.