Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Stacy got his truck back on Thursday, so exciting. They gave him a little Cobalt for the week he was truckless. Here are before and after pics. I giggle when I think of what Micah refered to Stacy's truck as (Daddy's boo boo truck :) Can you tell what $500 got us? It would have cost $3000 had we not had full coverage!!

To begin the weekend, Stacy was off on Friday. Not good because we made no money, good because we got to spend a Wonderful day in the country. I LOVE spending time at Mrs. Martha's land and was excited to be invited to go on Friday. Stacy was excited because he would have a chance to shoot his new gun. Mama, Daddy, Mrs. Martha, and Christian have been taking Bee Keeping classes at UGA for a while now and have recently made hives, and ordered some bees. It was fun to watch them all decked out in their bee attire checking their bees and looking for the queen. I must have taken 30 pics, here's a favorite.

While I enjoyed watching the bees up close, Stacy kept his distance (he's allergic.)

Micah Loves being outside so obviously he had a blast.

Stacy did get to shoot his gun (not him self this time :) We got to take the Mule for a ride and took Micah to the river, look how close they came to getting in! Stacy almost fell and I clicked the button just in time :)

On Saturday we didn't have a moonwalk rental at all, which is very surprising for this time of the year, but we took advantage of the day off on such a beautiful day. It was actually Stacy's idea. We packed a picnic and went to explore the brand new park in Dacula.

I have been anxiously awaiting it's opening, but new that it's first weekend would be crazy, and this was our first chance to go. It was beautiful, not very crowded at all, and they have the BIGGEST playground around.
After our picnic, we took Micah to the playground and he was in Heaven, jumping from one thing to the next, he Loved it. His favorite was the tube that you talk into and the person on the other end of the tube can talk back (I have NO idea what it's called) Micah and Stacy played and played with it. We didn't get to walk around any of the trails which was part of the plan, because Micah had an accident. I believe we'll be going there a lot though. We Love the park!


Matt and Kim said...

We went to Harbins park on Sunday. My mom and I actually got somewhat "lost" on the hiking trail, so be sure to take a look at the map before you get on it. We weren't sure if it made a loop or not, so after walking for 2 hours, we dedided to turn around and walk out the same we had come. Needless to say, we were exhausted once we got back (and the boys were quite panicked!). They had rode their bikes and didn't expect us to be gone so long. They were ready to call the cops and make a missing persons report! It is very nice though!

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

Kim- we did the same thing! We thought we would be gone about 45 minutes... and we were gone a couple of hours.

I love the park though- the playground looks way too cool!

I'm glad Stacy got his truck back too. boo boo truck- i love it!

Josh and Donna said...

fun park! where is it at?

Catherine and Zoe said...

uga offers beekeeping classes? oh dear. i might just have to look that mess up.