Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Sarah

On Halloween I had the pleasure of attending my Best Friend in the whole wide world's baby shower. I just love Sarah. She and I have been dear friends since the 2nd grade. I was probably almost as excited as she was when she called me this past spring telling me that she was going to have a baby. By this time I was more than half way through my pregnancy. And I couldn't be more happy that for a few months Sarah and I would be pregnant together. From the beginning I really thought that Sarah would have a boy, but she and Kyle both thought it was probably a girl. Both were very surprised to find out that it was a boy. I am So excited that there is a possibility that Patton and Noah will be able to grow up, be friends, and attend Child's World together :)
Look at these cute pacifiers.
Sarah got A LOT of monogramed/ embroidered things!
Sarah, Heather, and me. Friends forever. All of us now have, or are having boys. Isn't that exciting?!
Me and my other sister from another mother.

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