Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Party and Halloween

This year due to the fact that I have a little bitty (well maybe not so little) baby I decided to take a year off from being room mom for Micah's class. I am very happy that there were two other ladies that had volunteered to do the planning this year, but am a little sad that I will be a bystander this year. Micah's class had their Halloween party a couple of weeks ago and it was fun to watch the party instead of running it. This year they played musical chairs read several stories, made a turkey apron, had pizza and made really cute desserts. The desserts were moonpies made to look like owls. I had a sad baby by this time and didn't get a good picture, but they were really cute.
As soon as I received my costume express magazine in the mail this year, I had Micah look through it to choose his costume. I did not want to want to be trying to find a costume at the last minute with a baby in tow. Plus it's just SO much easier to just order online. Micah looked at the magazine and chose to be a frog. I ordered the frog right away, before he would have a chance to change his mind. And it's a good thing I did, because it was about the time that I got the frog costume in the mail he began talking about what his friends were going to be. He thought that maybe he'd like to be Spiderman, or some other super hero. I just told him that I was Sorry that was going to be a frog this year. And he was fine with it. And he was a mighty cute frog if I do say so myself.
Micah is so happy that his hair is finally growing long enough to play with again, but Stacy says it's time for it to be cut.
Now on to sweet sweet Patton. I SO wanted him to be this pumpkin this year. But I couldn't get Stacy to say yay or nay on spending $34. When I finally decided to just suck it up and order it, it was already out of stock. By the time they had restocked it, I would have to pay $15 to rush the shipping, and I thought $49 was WAY too much. Needless to say we went costume shopping last minute anyway. There were not many costumes to choose from, so we settled to a pea. We called Sweet Patton, sweet p. And he was a mighty sweet P :)
We went to the church's Fall Festival and had a blast.

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