Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Micah came home the day before St. Patrick's day asking and asking questions about leprechauns. I wasn't even sure how I was supposed to answer his questions. He was SO excited that the leprechauns were coming that night..... I just didn't know what to do or say. He even slept in green pjs just to be sure he wouldn't get "pricked." The fist thing he asked as soon as he woke up was whether or not the leprechauns came. I told him that I didn't think know, because I really didn't know. What do leprechauns do? This was all brand new to me. I did make these for his class and he was extra excited about that!
I made sure that I had everything prepared to send in a yummy green snack in honor of this day. I had cupcakes, plates, napkins, cups and all. Not only did I show up to school without the juice, but I FORGOT to make sure that Micah had something green to wear! The boy has around 30 pairs of shorts, no telling how many shirts, but I had to literally cut the tags off of the shirt to make sure that he wore green on St. Patrick's Day! I guess I don't pay attention to my buying habits, he had ONLY ONE green shirt in his closet! Note to self: Buy more green, Just in case :) Here are my sweet things. Patton's shirt says "Rub my belly for good luck" :)

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