Saturday, March 26, 2011

March thus far

So I have my big camera, my little camera that lives in my purse, and my iphone camera. While taking pics this morning on my little camera, I realized that there were a lot of thins that happened this month that I thought I'd recap. First off the new Kroger opened close to our house. We went, loved it. After church one Sunday we couldn't help but stop for a pic with the Wiener Mobile. :) So fun!
I decided to include this one just because I love it.
Here is Micah teaching P to use an ipod :)
One day Chili's had a coupon for buy one adult meal, get 2 kids free. Daddy, me, and All of the Rosburys minus Cary went for lunch. All of the kids were free, it was a fun trip! (Picture me next to Daph on the end)
Sweet picture of my boys all tuckered out after a day in the country.
Patton and Pamp-Pa. Patton loves his "Team Grandpa" outfit Daddy bought for him.
Micah and Mrs. Boswell on St. Patrick's Day. I Love it!
Trying on hats at Target :) I just loved him in this one.... I think I should buy it!
Micah loves playing with the neighbor kids. This is one of the newest things that he's picked up from them. I never knew anything about this growing up, but Stacy did. Somehow the kids stick water bottles on their bikes and when the tires hit the bottle it makes a loud sound. Micah does this and calls it his "motor bike."
Moonwalk season has been in full swing for over a month now. We've been staying pretty busy on the weekends. We even had two events during the week this week. One of or regular Chick-fil-As that we have the pleasure of doing business with celebrated their birthday on Thursday night. After we set up we decided to go out to eat. I snapped this pic of Daddy and Micah, another sweet pic if you ask me :)
So that's some of our March so far..... with one week to go.

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Cecilia said...

Looks like a fun March to me! Micah sounds like a great big brother to Patton too. I think it's so neat that Mrs. Boswell teaches Micah, I remember her being a really sweet lady.

Do you like having a little camera? I am thinking about getting one because I realized I was taking a lot of pics with my iphone because it's convenient, but I'm not thrilled with the picture quality. I love having a big camera, but it doesn't go everywhere with us.