Saturday, July 2, 2011

Creek fun

Our day only began with our trip to the landfill. Afterwards we headed to Paw Paw's for some creek fun. Daph and fam were already there playing. We (Micah and Stacy played for a while)
I held Patton before finally putting him down. He liked it. He truly is a water baby. I don't know what I'd do if he wasn't, but he liked the creek even though it was a little chilly.
The Rosburys had already picked blackberries..... Thinking we may go back next week to pick, but they sure looked pretty.
After lunch we headed on a Gator tour. Stacy had never seen all of the land. We had a nice long ride, Stacy worked a little clearing the paths, we visited the cows, and Patton took a little nap.
Oh yeah I was there too. Here's a sweet pic of P and me :)

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