Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun for the 4th

In the past, we have worked in Conyers for the 4th of July. We have always celebrated the 4th on the 3rd. Although this year I decided not to work in Conyers, we still celebrated on the 3rd..... and on the 4th as well. Due to the strange weather we've been having, I didn't have a chance to get in the pool either day, but the children did. On the 3rd, Stacy grilled out for everyone and we just hung out.
That evening we had a moonwalk rented in Auburn so we headed that way with the rents. We really enjoyed our time last year, and were looking forward to a fun time. We walked around watching the interesting people until we saw this!
Micah wanted to try it SO bad. Thank goodness for Mam-ma, beacause she paid for him to do it. He LOVED it! Daddy has been talking about purchasing one for Party Jumps, what do you think?
After wearing him out in the ball, we continued our walk until we got the the rocks. Micah was allowed to choose 4 stones for $1. He was most excited about "the one in the crystal family." (Notice the hat.....He has hardly taken it off since our trip to the landfill) Silly Boy!
After checking out the booths, we headed back to the church that had our moonwalk. Mama took the boys on a hayride and we hung out until the fireworks began.
It began to get dark and I was able to take of couple of pics of my sweet boys before the fireworks began. I knew Micah would love them. He'd been talking about them for weeks, and even told Patton the way that they make fireworks is "they shoot a gun in the air and the colored fire comes out." I wasn't sure how Patton would do. At first he was a little jumpy, he never cried, but by the end he was nearly asleep.
On the 4th it thundered almost all day long, so no day time swimming. We headed to the rent's for supper. The kids swam for a bit before heading in for bed.
The Rosbury's spent the night and Micah was a little jealous, so it was sweet for him to be able to hear a couple of books before we headed home..... They look so innocent don't they ;)

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