Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch/Hayride

Micah's school had their hayride/ pumpkin patch last week. That day turned into one of the best days I have had in a while. Although it was chilly (COLD) in the morning, it warmed up to be so nice in the afternoon. After I dropped Micah off at school I had to run and get gas before the hayride began. It began at 9:30 sharp. I am not one to be late, but talked on the phone a little too long and barely made it to the wagon on time. Maybe it was because I was late, maybe it was that he wanted to be Mr. Independent, Micah didn't even sit with Patton and me during the hayride.
With Micah in the front of the trailer and Patton and me in the back, we were bouncing along enjoying our trip when one of Micah's teacher's said "what are they doing?!" I looked and said said, "I don't know. WAIT that's my MAMA." Mama planned on coming, but was a little late, so instead of running to catch up, she drove and followed the hayride in the her car. LOL She was happy she got to be in the warmth of her own car :-)
We took some pics and headed to playground. I was able to chat with a couple of parents that made me very optimistic that private school MAY very well be an option for us. I have been praying about this for years. I have been doing research and really hope that some doors open soon..... Meanwhile, I left the school feeling very positive.
We had plans to meet one of my old friends and her daughter at the mall. We ended up bumping into another friend, packing several tables with all of our kids and strollers. But we had such a good time. We talked, and laughed, and even cried a little. I think it was about 4 when we finally left the mall..... That's a long time for a Micah who went to school, and a sweet Patton who hasn't napped all day. But it was well worth it. I HAD FUN :-)

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