Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last horse visit

It is sad for me to think that this is Micah's last year at his school. We LOVE it and I still have NO idea what next year will hold for us. Meanwhile, this year we are trying to savor every last second that we can. The horses came to visit last week. Micah was excited as always. By now, he has become an old pro :-) All of the kids listened as the girls told them about the horses. Then they all took turns brushing them and feeding them.

(This kid cracks me up! He is as country as a boy can get and is happy to tell you that he got his boots for Horsetown and his belt buckle for Tractor Supply! Look at his pose!!)
Patton watched very politely, growling every once in a while, (because EVERYTHING growls ;-)
After they were finished, it was time to ride. (Micah and Tidbit)
I stayed for a while after the horses, just to watch Micah play. He decided that he'd make some ice cream at the ice cream shop. He loves to play that or "Dirt Bag Cafe" Not sure where that came from, or even if it's appropriate... Before I knew it, he had a line. So cute. I had to grab a picture of Micah and his buddy Nicco.
I'll leave with pics of the past 3 years of horses.... *tear*

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