Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a good day

It's a great day! I am most excited today! We have some family friends coming over tonight for a game night. It's very overdue and has been in the talks for about a year now. I am super hyped! I love games, but it's just not fun to play all games with just two people. Anyway I have been cleaning today. I clean the floors All the time, you have to when you have such dark wood, and when you have a Micah Man tracking everything in. Today I dusted, did all of the floors, toilets etc. Then I began to clean my Kitchen counters (with the Best cleaner ever, it's a bit pricey, but it's totally worth it...Countertop Magic...they also make Cabinet Magic, a favorite) I removed everything and began to clean and guess what I found.... $120!!! I was so excited, it's like an answered prayer. I told Daphne about it and told her that I wasn't going to tell Stacy. He would want to use it for something fun, but I told him anyway. He does want to use it for something fun....It will be fun to have car insurance next month won't it? :) Anyway, I'm beginning to mark things off of my 20.9 Goal list...Game night tonight, I called a friend yesterday, and I've been trying to teach Micah his ABCs for months....He's a bit stubborn, but I caught him singing yesterday and he sang all the way to K! Hip Hip Hooray!! We're planning on hosting a game night at our house (we're going to try for at least once a month) Let me know if you and yours are interested in coming! It'll be so fun!


Kelly Ford said...

yes, we want to come again!!! last night was a blast... plus it made us do something other than go to bed at 9 on the weekend... haha! We're all so old! :-)

Matt and Kim said...

We would love to come to a game night!