Monday, May 4, 2009

Renaissance Fun

Yesterday our little family, along with Laura and Jerms went to the Renaissance Festival. This was our first trip back since BM. And the weather was a whole lot better too :) The last time we went, I was with child, wore jeans and a short sleeve shirt and was freezing. Mrs. Martha ended up buying me a piece of Renaissance clothing called a Ruana to keep me warm.

This year Laura found some tickets on Craigslist for cheap, so I told her that we'd be more than happy to accompany them. We got there right before the gates opened and got to watch the opening acts. We even chatted with the captain of the Pirate ship. It's just such an interesting but fun place to go.

We watched several shows, but my favorite was the Barely Balanced Acrobatic Show. I laughed So hard. There was a little bit of adult humor, but that's probably what cracked me up the most!

I know in years past I have NEVER been impressed with the food that I've eaten there, but this year was SO different. I think that everyone enjoyed their food. Stacy ate "The King's Weenie" and got his favorite: a funnel cake. Laura and I both almost died from something called "The Death By Chocolate Brownie Sundae." All I have to say is, I probably won't be craving chocolate for a month after that!

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