Wednesday, May 13, 2009

He's not my baby

He's my BIG boy! BM was born I always said that My baby would NEVER have a Pacifier. Well that changed very quickly when our pediatrician told me when Micah was only a few days old, that he needed the sucking of the paci to help him poop. I probably cried, but I don't remember. Anyway, I always said that it's easier to throw away a paci than to cut off a thumb. I know how hard it is to stop thumb sucking. For as long as I can remember Micah has only had his paci if he was in bed, that was a rule I began Very early. I didn't want to have a 2 year old begging for it out in public. Well, I have been preparing myself for a while now and really wanted to get this potty training thing down before we moved to something else. Micah's doing great with pottying (other than pooping TMI?) Anyway, Stacy is out of town working until the weekend and I decided that it was time. I began to prepare Micah 2 days ago. We decided that we would tie to paci to a balloon and send it to a baby in Heaven. Micah told me that it would be going to a baby he referred to as "Baby Belle." I have NO idea where this came from, but I played along. This morning after a trip to Publix for a balloon, we began to get ready to say Bye Bye. Micah reacted a whole lot better than I expected, but nap time was Non existent. Needless to say he was SO sleepy tonight and went to bed before I could even close his door. We'll see how the next few days go!


Amie Kirk said...

What a precious idea! I am afraid to blink, before I know it my baby will be a "big boy" too ;-( !!

Misti said...

What a great idea! Jonathan's a thumb sucker and I don't like to think about what it will take to get him to stop. Eh, I'll cross that bridge when we come to it. No sense borrowing trouble from tomorrow. BTW - way to go on the potty training. We took a step back. ;o/ All of a sudden he just didn't want to do it anymore and I didn't want to force the issue & cause problems. Hopefully we'll start up again soon. Any tips?

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

I love this!

I hope he has been able to nap since then