Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun Father's Festivities

Father's Day began with Sweet Stacy making his Early morning run to get me a newspaper. I have become a coupon freak and can't pass up a good deal, thank goodness I have Stacy to make the run for me every Sunday morning, being that the AJC no longer delivers to this county, he must make the trek to Gwinnett in hopes that the papers are still there :) He's a pretty good husband alright. He is also a great Daddy. I have long awaited the day when Stacy and Micah would have boy time. They now do all kinds of fun things together. One of their favorite things is The Home Depot Kid's Workshop. Stacy and Micah both have a love for tools and hammering things is right up Micah's alley.

Anyway Stacy returned from Publix to a wonderful breakfast made by me. This is pretty big in it's self because I normally just have a Slim Fast for breakfast.... But this special day I made something special for the Daddy at our house. For lunch I let Stacy choose where we'd eat.... His choices were all from places that I had purchased giftcards from for. He chose Jeffrey's. We hadn't been there in a while and it was quite tasty.... especially when we all ate for less than $20 (with tip included) Here are my boys at Jeffrey's in their Twinkie outfits :)

After a visit from Stacy's parents and nap time we headed over to the Rent's to celebrate my Daddy. He was not in great shape. He's been having Kidney stone problems and thanks to the milkshake the day before he wasn't feeling so hot. Needless to say there are no pics of him. While he stayed inside feeling awful, we partied outside at the pool (surprise surprise) We swam Picked Blueberries And even had homemade Chocolate Chip Ice cream! Could it get any better?