Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pool time

I Love Love Love the pool and wish that I lived some place that I could swim outside all year long.... Maybe one day! We had our very first pool party of the year last Sunday. It was perfect and I would have stayed in all night if I could have. Monday and Tuesday were packed full of running here and there, so I planned to have a pool day on Wednesday. My dear friend Theresa and her son Logan joined Micah and me for some fun and sun. I'm SO looking forward to being in the pool a lot this summer. Check out this darling suit that Mama bought Micah Man this year. It cracks me up...He's such a little Marshmallow Man :)


Radar's Mom said...

Hiya... every now and then I hit that "next blog" button at the top of my own blog screen to see what else is out there. Today it was your blog! Your post caught my eye because I live in the Bahamas and indeed do use the pool all year round (as well as the big salt water pool called the ocean). So, maybe just to make you a little jealous, I thought I'd leave a comment ;)

It seems that you have a wonderful, happy family! Keep enjoying... carpe diem!

Treese said...

OMG Miriam!! The picture of Logan spreading his legs is cracking me up! The one of him and Micah is darling!! We did have a ton of fun that day and we can't wait to do it again!! Wish I was there now!!

Emily said...

Miriam, please give me your review of the swim suit Micah is wearing. We got Ian a swim vest, but it just doesn't hold him up very well. He sinks way down and gets water in his mouth and everything. Does this one at least hold Micah's head above water? I noticed the ring around his neck and thought that might make the difference. What do you think? Should I buy one? Email or FB me when you get a chance. Thanks! I enjoy your blog!!