Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Micah is THREE!!

It seems like just yesterday I was bringing home this little boy from the hospital (well maybe not, but 3 years have flown by) We celebrated his birthday 3 weeks ago and I've finally gotten SOME of the pics loaded, so I thought I'd try to update. I began asking Micah months ago what kind of party he'd like to have this year. I gave him birthday catalogs to look through, and I gave him ALL kinds of ideas for themes. He just couldn't make his little mind up this year for some reason. I joke that I had his 1st birthday planned 6-8 weeks in advance, his 2nd birthday was closer to 4-6 weeks, his 3rd birthday was planned in ONE WEEK!! It was crazy! Micah kept coming up with crazy ideas for his party. For example at one time he wanted a Pinata party, with nothing but pinatas, then he decided that he wanted a "soup party," and he was planning on giving people "soup in cups" it's August for goodness sakes! Who in the world would come to a soup party?! In the end Stacy and I ended up taking The Man to Party City and making him choose. He choose Thomas the train.

Everyone who knows Micah knows that he LOVES anything and everything that has to do with any mode of transportation, but for some reason when I tried months ago to talk him into having a Thomas party, he would have NOTHING to do with it. Crazy I know. Anyway, after picking up at supplies at Party City and finding out they had sold of of Thomas Pinatas, I knew why I don't do last minute things. One of Micah's newest friends Ce Ce came to the rescue and picked one up near her work! We were very thankful. The cake was ordered the day before the party, Major thank you to Publix, not only was the cake one of the coolest EVER, but it was delicious as always.

We had a fun party despite all of the last minute craziness. Here are some more party pics. Hope to catch up on some more blogs soon.....I'd had computer issues :(

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