Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween (only a week late :~)

We attended the Fall festival at the church this year and knew that it would be in doors due to the rain. We showed up a little early and Micah played all kinds of games. He had a BLAST but was ready to go to Mam-ma's house within an hour. We left with a TON of candy!!
He was So excited and asked if there would be games at Mam-ma's house. There were no games, but my goodness did we get a surprise or what? Mama, Daddy, and Nut ALL were dressed up and had pumpkins lit on the porch and all!! They crack me up!!
Mama had a bowl FULL of Micah's favorite things for him to have (there were Nilla Waffers, some kind of nut energy mix, fruit snacks, bandaids, and candy!) He was so happy! We visited for a while before heading to Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Cindy's house (Micah wanted to go there too) They had some candy for him and it just made his night to be able to see them too :) By this time it was around 7:30 or so, I thought it would be a great surprise to go by Stacy's parents, so we did. They LOVED that! On our way home we began thinking it would probably be a good idea to eat supper (VERY late for us) We stopped at a place in Monroe called Joe Shmoe's Pizza. It was So yummy! If you're ever in Monroe you should try it :) Take a look at Bones below!

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