Monday, November 23, 2009

Future Photographer

Micah LOVES cameras, video cameras, computers, i phones, pretty much anything electronic. He's pretty good at using them too. He's the main reason I purchased my new i phone (which I LOVE) He is so good at it and knows more about it than I do! He's had Mama's to practice on for about a year though. I LOVE my new phone but that's another story for another day. Today I wanted talk about Micah's photo skills and share some of his photos.
You may think his pics are a little strange, but they are all things he loves. He loves his Aunt Laura, Cats, hence the cat litter, and the BIG bat at Costco. He is one silly man.
Micah told me a while back that he'd like a camera for his birthday (meaning Christmas) He also specified that he wanted one like mine, not a play one! Um, you're Three. Meanwhile I showed him one of those Kid Tough cameras, and told him it was a neat one, he'd still like one like mine. Hmmm I'm thinking that maybe just maybe I'll buy a new one for myself and just give him me old one, the other option is buying him a nice cheap one on Black Friday, decisions decisions.

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Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

I looked at cameras for him today. I didn't get one though b/c I didn't know if you were getting one... I saw the kid tough one but I didn't know if he'd like it.

Also, I love the bat and soooo wished I had of bought it! I mean can you imagine our house decorated with a huge bat?!