Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robinson News

Major Thank you to Facebook because most of you already know the "Robinson News." We are having another baby. To tell you the truth we all are a little.... make that Lot surprised. Since Micah turned what a week, I was sure that I would not have another child, well God had other plans. I decided on Christmas day that I was pregnant when I had heartburn. I have never experienced heartburn in my life except when I was pregnant with Micah. I told Stacy that I thought I was probably pregnant to which he just laughed.
Two days later when my symptoms hadn't gotten any better, I sneekily bought a test from Wal-Mart. By now I was sure I was pregnant, but the question still is how. Anyway in less than 10 seconds the test proved what I knew to already be true..... Pregnant! I told Stacy to come and see and we just stared in awe. Both knowing that God has something planned that we don't anything about, we went through a period of stress. I cried a WHOLE lot. During this time I also began vomiting. This may be TMI, but keep in mind this is also for my own records for my blog book. For 3 weeks I was VERY sick, I could hardly make it through the day and sometimes thought I would die. I threw up EVERYTHING I injested. I lost 8 pounds and was near dehydration when the Dr. called my in a prescription for a very strong anti-nausia medication. It began to work wonderfully, but I Hated the side effects. At first it caused me to be very dizzy. I don't like that feeling at all! It also causes major drowsiness. As if I wasn't tried enough anyway! I laid off taking the med unless I really felt like I needed it. Then I went from 24-7 sickness to 24-7 sleepiness. My day would consist of waking up in the morning, getting Micah ready for school, taking him to school (20 mins from home) I would have to stop on the way home to rest my eyes for a little bit. Once I made it home I would sleep until time to pick him up from school, then pick him up, fix him lunch and put him in his room so that I could sleep again. I couldn't stay awake for more than 1 1/2- 2 hours, hince No blogging. I would go to bed between 4:30- and 7:00 depending on if sweet Stacy was home and sleep until 7:00 the next morning, just to do it all again!
I discussed all of this with my doctor yesterday hoping he had a miracle vitamin to give me energy, but not keep my up at night, he didn't. He told me that "normally people are Either sick OR tried," and that I got the worst of both. Then he told me that because I didn't take the medicine regularly, that was my problem. He said that when I was taking all of the time the drowsiness wore off, but when I began taking it sporatically, I was Always sleepy. So day number one of NO medicine, I only threw up once, and only took one nap (45 mins) I do plan on going to bed soon.
As of right now we're being told that I am 12 weeks 4 days and that I'm due August 22nd! Another August baby! Until yesterday I was having more of a hard time, then I saw those little feet kicking and a little tiny arm rubbing it's face, it'll be alright I'm sure of it!


Kelly Ford said...

I am absolutely THRILLED that God had other plans :-) And i'm sure, once he or she is here, you will be too :-)
I love yall like crazy! And if you have a girl, i'm TOTALLY giving that dress back so she can wear it! OH, i hope its a girl!!!

Misti said...

So, so, so excited for you!!! I hope you start feeling better soon. ;o) Now... can you send some of those vibes my way? The pg ones, not the feeling sickie ones? :o)

Josh and Donna said...

yay!!! woo hoo!!! CONGRATS!!! love y'all.

Cecilia said...