Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

I love Valentine's Day, it may only be a Halmark holiday, but I think it's fun to see people show their love for one another, even if only for one day out of the year :) Micah's class had their Valentine's party last week and we had a fun time. I brought our cotton candy machine and made pink cotton candy for the whole school. The kids LOVED it, some parents didn't, so I was the most loved and the most disliked person at the party. Come on, a little sugar can't be that bad! The owners at the school told me that in the 30+ years of the school being in business, that was the first time they'd Ever had cotton candy. I think over all it was a hit. The kids had so much fun!
Here they are patiently waiting for the party to begin.
Here's Micah with just some of his loot :)
Hitting the Valentine's Day Pinata
And Mrs. Scott with Micah :) Love her!

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