Thursday, April 8, 2010

The News

When I was pregnant with Micah all I thought about for the first 20 weeks was whether we would have a boy or a girl. This time around, to tell you the truth I never even thought about it until week 19, when I became me again. I'll tell you what though, my first week well, I spent a lot of time wondering about the sex of this baby. Ever since Stacy told Micah we were having a baby, he just knew it was a baby sister. He wouldn't hear anything about the possibility that it was a brother. I talked to a lot of people who told me that children have intuition. People told me all kinds of stories about how as children they knew what their sibling would be, and stories about people's children knowing. Although I had absolutly NO idea what this baby was.
First thing yesterday morning was my appointment. Stacy and Micah came along too. We were so excited and at this point explained to Micah for the 100th time that God decides whether he'll have a brother or a sister, even though he heard this, I still don't think that he understood quite yet. I had my regular appointment and my Dr. asked if I had been scheduled for an ultrasound. I told him that I didn't know. Then he checked and found out that I wasn't. With Micah the Dr. scheduled me for all appointments and at my 20 week I found out the gender. So I guess I just assumed I would find out yesterday, but I didn't (at my doctor) I'm scheduled for an ultrasound for the 16th at my Dr's office.
When we left the office both Stacy and I were just plain out sad. How can you go from thinking that you're finding out the gender, to waiting another week and a half?!! I nearly cried until I thought of a solution.... I used my iphone to google 3d ultra sounds. I called Images from the Womb and was SOO Happy when I was able to make an appointment for yesterday afternoon. I'll tell you what, after the rough time I've time, yesterday was just plain out wonderful! We had a wonderfully enjoyable experience and would highly reccomend it to everyone. It didn't hurt that we got a ton more than we paid for. Our baby was all wrapped up and hiding for the first few minutes but finally showed Himself to us. We're so excited to be having another boy. I'm sure I'm meant to be a boys Mama! Micah has decided that his brother will be called "Onion Ring," if it had been a sister she'd have been "French fry." Take a look at our little Onion Ring!


Misti said...

Congratulations!!! Micah is going to be a great big brother!

Daphne said...

He looks just like you!

Kelly Ford said...

AHHHHHH! Somehow i lost your blog off my blog list and i just realized it and had LOTS of catching up to do!
Well... i'm sad that i wont be able to regift that dress to you but excited that i get to keep it :-) I'm super excited you're having a BOY! CONGRATS girl!