Friday, May 7, 2010

G Day Game 2010

I am SO excited that I became well in enough time for spring. All kinds of fun things happen during the spring, plus the weather is some of my favorite. Over a month ago (I'm playing catch up) we attended the G Day game in Athens. I always have so much fun. This year we tailgated with friends and ate some yummy food before heading over to the stadium.
Although we love spending time with our friends, and we LOVE to eat ANYTHING Russell cooks on the grill, the Best part of G Day is it's free! Although we've done it in the past, I have a hard time spending $30 on a football ticket for Micah. His attention span is not very long at all. He'd rather roam around and people watch. I remember one of the first years that I was a UGA season ticket holder, we had a man a couple of rows in front of us who brought his two young boys to every game. The man would wear his headphones (listening to Munson, of course) and his young sons would sit so still and actually watch the game. I remember this because I was amazed at how well behaved and calm the boys were. My Micah, is far from the sit still type. We were able to stay until the 3rd quarter of the G Day game, but didn't feel bad having to leave early because of course it was free. Anyway, here are my two favorite boys :)

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