Friday, May 7, 2010

End of the Year

Our first year at Child's World has been one of the best years of Micah's life. He Loves school and wishes that he could go everyday....maybe next year ;) One of the first things out of Micah's mouth every morning is "Is today a school day?" He has made some wonderful friends this year and has learned SO much, I just don't know what we'll do during the summer.
Micah has an August birthday, so he is the baby in his class. I really think that he's stepped up to the plate and done very well considering, but after A LOT of thought and consideration, we've decided to keep him in the 3 year old class for one more year. Having an August baby is rough, especially if your child is a boy. I have an August birthday and so does my younger sister Laura. We were both held back so that we would not be the babies in school. I don't want Micah to always be the baby in school, so we're going to take care of things early. We LOVE Mrs. Scott and look forward to another year with her (not that we don't love all of the Child's World teachers :)
Last night was the end of the year program. I think that it went very well. Micah had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. Micah played a pig and was quite a darling little pig boy. He was the most funny when he spotted us in the audience. He let everyone know where Mam-ma was. He told Mrs. Scott, and all of the other children around him. He was SOO excited. The program was extra cute and we had a blast. Hopefully the last two weeks of school won't fly by too fast!

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