Friday, June 4, 2010

So Busy

Ever since Micah has been out of school, I feel like we have been SO busy! So far we've had lots of fun, and gotten a couple of things accomplished. Some of the fun things have been going to the park
And playing in the yard. Micah is still an outside boy. He LOVES his playset and his sandbox, but when he discovered caterpillars, you've never seen a boy so happy! He caught every one that he could and carried them all over the place.
Just when I thought that caterpillars where the thing that made Micah the happiest, we heard the sweet sounds of the icecream bus. Micah asked me at least once a week throughout the winter and spring if the icecream bus was coming. He finally stopped asking about a month ago, and now she's back! Micah LOVES the icecream bus! He can even do a great imitation of the music that it makes :)
Stacy and I celebrated 6 years of marriage on May 22nd. There are no pictures, but it was a Wonderful day! Stacy surprised me with a prenatal massage at Spa Sydel. It was great! I haven't had a massage in a long time and I enjoyed every single second of it. After my massage (did I say how much I loved it.) We went to The Chessecake Factory (surprise surprise) I just love it! We had a delicious dinner and then just headed home for a quiet Micahless evening. Thank you a ton to Mama for keeping Micah.
The following evening we were able to attend the play Alice in Wonderland. My sweet cousin Hannah was in it and played the March Hare. She did a great job, and Ms. Martha did a wonderful job with her makeup, don't you think? Micah enjoyed the play and keeps asking me all kinds of questions about it. For example, he asks about the Girls of the Golden Afternoon, and why they kept saying "Ew." He asks "why was the white bunny always late." I am impressed that he actually paid attention, but he did and loved it.

This year for Memorial Day we attended the annual parade in Dacula. We were afraid that it might get rained out, but it turned out to be very nice. The actual parade was bigger than ever this year. We sat in our regular spot and there were hardly any childen in the area, therefore Micah racked up on the candy! He knew he was getting alot and kept talking about it, he was so excited.
After the parade we hit Sonny's and went to The Rents for a swim party. We swam and had fun. Stacy and Cary cooked supper on the grill and as always, it was yummy.

After supper we celebrated Jerms' birthday. Daphne made a delicious Double Doozie cake, but before we could even cut it, it disappeared. Some one stole the cake! We looked ALL over the house and even outside in people's cars. No one would admit to hiding the cake, but finally it was found on The Rents' bed! We laughed and laughed and then played the blame game. Until today most people don't know who really hid the cake.... I know, but I won't tell :)


Misti said...

Hey! I have a little award for you over on my blog:

Daphne said...

You know who took the cake?!? You have to tell!!!!!

Cecilia said...

It looks like y'all have had lots of fun!! I have to giggle because your ice cream bus is much nicer than ours was in Austin. We had a old brown conversion van that came through our neighborhood and it was so sketchy. I would buy one from yours though!