Thursday, April 7, 2011

Old Man

We had the pleasure of celebrating Stacy's 33rd birthday a couple of weeks ago. Stacy had the day off and we had hoped to spend the morning together (while Micah was at school) doing something fun, but we didn't. Micah was sick. Micah has allergies so we have gotten used to him having a runny nose, but when I picked him up that Monday, I knew he was not well. I wanted to surprise him and take him to one of his favorite places to eat. He LOVES Blessings Cottage. I could tell that he didn't feel good when he wasn't the least bit happy. I thought maybe a nap would help, it didn't. He woke up even worse. I ended up taking him to the Dr. He had sinusitis. He ended up vomiting 3 times during the night and on Stacy's birthday he was completely pitiful :( The poor guy stayed on the couch ALL day long! If you know Micah, he has a hard time staying still for 30 minutes, so I knew he was sick.
We knew that we had to eat, so we went back and forth as to whether or not we should go out to dinner or not. Micah REALLY thought that we should go. We ended up at Long Horns, but this is how Stacy ended up eating his meal. (Look closely and you'll see Micah lying in his lap) :(

At least Patton was happy. Micah was feeling okay when we got to Long Horns and he took a pic of the rest of us.
I used to be on top of things, but having Patton has changed me. I used to have birthday presents months before the actual birthday, but recently I've been shopping the day before, or on the day of the party. In this case, I knew what I thought I'd get Stacy, but then Micah got sick and I ended up giving him 2 pairs of shoes and a dress shirt. He was happy.
We celebrated with the fam this past Sunday. We had a yummy cookie cake compliments of Daph, and yummy homemade ice cream compliments of Nut. Stacy totally racked up at his party. He got some more dress shirts, home depot, and itunes cards.

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