Friday, July 9, 2010

July 3rd and 4th

For the past 3 years Stacy and I have worked (taken moonwalks) to The GA International Horse Park for the 4th of July. So for the past 3 years Micah has enjoyed staying with Mama instead of seeing fireworks for the 4th. This year since the 4th fell on a Sunday and a lot of fireworks were done on Saturday, we were able to take Micah to see his very first fireworks. We had one of our moonwalks rented to a church in Auburn, and Auburn had a 2 day festival. We, along with Mama and Daddy went and had a fun time.
Micah and Mama went on a hayride.

Micah wrote his name in the dirt.

While we were there picking up the moonwalk, we saw Boyd Langley, a man that I have gone to church with forever. I had a great time catching up with him and found out that he is now a photographer. He said "I'd love to get my hands on your camera." I think he was sad that he didn't bring his own, but I told him that I was hoping to get some good pictures, so I handed him my camera and told him to have fun. Here are some of my favorite Micah shots.

He even got Micah helping with the moonwalk :)

Micah LOVED the fireworks! He sat with Mama and asked, "Is God making the fireworks." She said "no, some men are making them." Micah the replied, "well do you think God likes them."


Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

i love the one of Momma and Micah on the hayride!

Boyd Langley did a wonderful job! I'm sad I didn't come, but the rest was needed!

Cecilia said...

Micah wrote his name so clearly, I'm impressed!