Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My growing baby

I'm trying to play a little catch up, so check out all the posts below. First off, I thought it was a bid deal having to clean up after Micah after every meal. I totally forgot how long it takes to clean up after a baby. I am SO glad that he can feed himself, but I miss the days of having a decently clean kitchen after meals. I have recently decided that I would be more than happy to "tip" someone $5 to clean up my kitchen for me 3 times a day.
Here is my sweet baby after his nap. (Notice his hair in both pics)
Stacy has been telling me for months that P needed to get his hair cut. I tried to hold him off for a little bit by trimming the back myself. It didn't work long at all. We're planning on having some new family pictures taken, but Stacy said Patton had to get a hair cut first. I did it. I took my sweet baby to have his sweet baby locks chopped off :-(
He was okay with it. He looks so much older to me though..... Maybe the curls will come back. Only time will tell.

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